Vjetrenica Cave has about 135 lakes

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Vjetrenica is the largest and most famous cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are about 200 different plant and animal species in the cave. That is why the Vjetrenica cave is unique in Europe. It is a protected natural monument located in the municipality of Ravno. It is 12 kilometers away from the Adriatic coast.
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photo: Helena (tourist guide) and Igor
Before visiting the cave at the entrance, you get yellow protective helmets from the tourist guide of the excellent and well-informed Mrs. Helena. The ticket price of 5 Euros includes a visit to the nearby small and attractive Museum.
Magical beauty, spacious corridors and halls, groundwater and waterfalls, the wind that constantly flows make this cave unique in the world.
A ticket with a tourist guide is 5 Euros per person. Parking is free.
The cave was named after the cold and strong winds at the entrance. The length of the cave is about 7 kilometers long corridors. With a length of the initial 100 njak meters, the cave has a low ceiling. A strong air flow is felt during high outside temperatures. The cave has about 135 small lakes in its interior. The Great Lake is 1350 meters from the entrance to the cave. A boat was found in the lake, which is now an exhibit in the biospeleological museum. The duration of the tour of the Vjetrenica cave is 40-60 minutes.
In the period from November 1 to March 31, visits are possible with prior notice. The cave is especially attractive during the winter months due to the crystal reflection of the interior decorations. The water then overflows from the cascades. During rainy periods, the cave is adorned with many lakes, waterfalls and waterfalls. The cave has been mentioned in historical records since the age of 77. The cave has been nominated for the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. In the lower part of the cave called Donja Vjetrenica there is a habitat of human fish.
Additional information
• Address: Trg don Ivana Musića 1
• Location: Straight
• Phone: +387 36 / 891-034
• E-mail: info@vjetrenica.ba
• Web: http://www.vjetrenica.ba
• Note: The seat of the Public Company Vjetrenica is in Ravno

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