Citrine is a bright yellow stone for a good mood

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Citrine (lat. Citrus) was named in 1747. During its long and rich history, this stone gained the fame of a rare semi-precious stone with mystical properties. This transparent honey-colored stone was thought to warm the owner’s soul by giving him inner light, harmony and clarity of thought. People use it as an amulet for fertility, success and harmony in business and private life.
Citrine is a stone that absorbs sunlight and eternal life. The stone is the patron of abundance in life (including financial abundance). According to old beliefs, the owner of the stone becomes a magnet for success and financial wealth. That is why citrine was a talisman for fans of gambling and card games. The stone is believed to bring success, preserve clarity of mind and strengthen concentration. Many people wear bracelets with citrine. Some people wear citrine inserts on their clothes to be clearer, more convincing, and to clear their minds. Citrine encourages people to be creative. It stimulates the imagination and strengthens creativity. This primordial talisman stone is used by people who do business using “their own hands”, craftsmen, students, researchers, writers, journalists, lecturers, business people. Citrine is a Yang stone that generates active energy. According to the lithotherapist, it creates an additional protective aura around the person. It is an energy purifier of human energy. The person wearing it becomes more perceptive because the stone strengthens her perception. Meditation with citrine fills a person with sunlight and energy needed to perform constructive tasks.
Lithotherapy is any use of natural mineral substances to act on the human body or a person’s consciousness. From ancient times the ability of stones to influence the improvement of human life has been used. Lithotherapy methods are successfully applied in many countries. Today in the world there is a growing interest in the healing properties of stones. If a person has medical problems, he should take citrine with him and drink the water in which this stone stood. To preserve mental harmony and physical peace.
Citrine stabilizes the work of the cerebrum and has a positive effect on the psyche and nervous system. Buddhist monks believe that this stone heals psychological trauma and drives away night fears and anxieties. It helps people enjoy life. This stone stimulates the liver, spleen, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract. It alleviates allergies, helps expel toxins from the body and cleanses the skin. It is an excellent stimulator and is recommended for people who feel tired, exhausted and apathy. Carrying solar energy throughout the year, citrine helps people to be happy and in a good mood. By putting citrine under a pillow, people have a good, solid and quality sleep. The stone helps with chronic fatigue, regulates the work of the hormone system in the body and alleviates the problems caused by menopause in women.

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