Japanese wood or “money tree” has many medicinal properties

Japanese tree (lat. Crassula) is a fairly common houseplant. The tree sometimes reaches up to two meters in height. The branches are the thickness of a human hand. This plant is also a money tree that purifies the air in the room in which it is located. Plants emit biologically negative ions into the air and at the same time inhibit pathogenic bacteria and viruses. So people who have Crassula in their home rarely get the flu or cold. The plant is durable. Requires moderate watering and plenty of light. It simply reproduces. Tear off one leaf and dry it in the fresh air for one to two days. Then plant that leaf in a pot with soil mixed with sand. It is best warded during early spring. Keep the plant on the sunny side of the room. Water the plant with water every day until it takes root. The adult plant loves sun and light. It is watered a little with water so that the roots do not rot. It is watered only when the soil in the pot starts to crack.
Crassula accelerates recovery in kidney disease. No complications. Drink tea from the essence of this plant (juice squeezed from the plant). Pour a tablespoon of finely chopped Crassula leaves with two decilitres of water. Cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Let the tea stand for an hour. Strain. Take a teaspoon three times a day for two weeks before meals. Helps with urinary tract infections and other kidney diseases. Crassula leaves have anti-inflammatory action. In a short time they alleviate inflammatory processes of the throat or angina. Chew a quarter of a Crassula leaf several times a day. Then swallow the juice. The pain and redness in the throat will disappear in a few days.
Help with stomach ulcers: Eat two fresh and washed leaves of the plant every morning before meals. Have breakfast after an hour. Strictly follow the recommended diet with therapy. Such a complex treatment helps a person get rid of a stomach ulcer.
Varicose veins bring functional changes and cause venous nodules that open easily in the elderly and lead to infections and bleeding. Then use the tincture obtained from Crassula. Take 250 grams of fresh leaves of the plant. Wash and grind in a blender. Pour with 250 ml of vodka. Let stand for ten days in a dark, cool and dry place. Strain. Keep the resulting liquid in the refrigerator. Lubricate varicose veins with this tincture every night before going to bed. Do this three times a year for a month. The knots will gradually disappear.
Benefits of Crassula:
1. To get rid of itching caused by eczema or some skin disease in the painful area for a few hours hold a compress of crushed leaves Crassule. Break off the older leaves of the plant. Wash in cold water. Grind in a blender. Place the resulting mass on a cotton cloth and then on the sore spot on the body. Hold until the next morning.
2. Cuts or scratches coated with sap from the cut leaf of the plant will disappear faster.
3. For cold sores in the throat or oral cavity, cut two fresh leaves of the plant. Pour over boiling hot water. Leave for half an hour. Rinse your mouth with this tea 8-10 times a day.
4. Eat two Crassula leaves before breakfast to relieve the symptoms of gastritis. Chew the leaves for a long time to release the juice. Do not drink water after chewing the leaves.
5. When herpes appears several times a day, apply the juice of fresh leaves of the plant. The length of therapy depends on the speed of recovery. You usually wear it for about 5 days.

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