The highest quality propolis is separated during the summer and squeezed cold

You can make tinctures of precious propolis at home and at home and use them all year round. Propolis or bee glue is a hard or semi-hard resinous substance. Propolis is created by bees to protect their families from diseases and to ideally maintain the cleanliness of the hive. The bees coat the hive on the inside with propolis for disinfection. Propolis works simultaneously in various directions allowing a person to heal. Relieves sore throat, kills bacteria, fungi and viruses, removes toxins from the body, soothes severe itching, strengthens immunity, regenerates tissues, reduces benign tumors, normalizes metabolism, treats atherosclerosis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, wounds, ulcers, respiratory diseases, joints , gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity and female sexual sphere.
Propolis is best bought from a conscientious and proven beekeeper. This will make sure that you have propolis without harmful impurities. The highest quality propolis is separated in the summer after the first honey collection. It can have different colors – from yellow to dark brown. It stretches in the hand. It has a scent reminiscent of resin, flowers and cinnamon. Old propolis has a faint aroma, is dry and crumbles in the hands.
Propolis is used to make alcoholic tinctures, aqueous extracts, oil solutions, fats, pastes and more. Propolis tincture is drunk with the addition of warm water or milk. There are patches and stoppers soaked in this tincture that are used for inhalation. Apothecary tincture of propolis is not recommended for internal use. It is suitable for coating inflamed tonsils once or twice a week. It is suitable for problems with the mucous membrane. Dissolve 15 drops of tincture with half a glass of water. Rinse your throat with this liquid several times a day.
Before you put propolis in alcohol, clean it of visible dirt. Cool the propolis and grate it. It is important to know that only chilled propolis is squeezed.
Propolis tinctures
Recipe number 1: 20 grams of propolis pour 200 ml of 96% alcohol. Keep in a dark glass jar at room temperature for 3 weeks. Shake the jar several times daily. Strain the contents through cotton wool then use a funnel to strain the contents through thin paper. Add alcohol to a volume of 200 ml.
You get a 10% tincture of propolis. To get a 20% tincture, add another 20 grams of propolis to the 10% tincture. Repeat the process. In the same way, you can get tinctures with a higher concentration of propolis of 30%, 40% and more.
Recipe number 2: Use 70% alcohol and strong vodka 45%. The extraction or separation technology is the same as the previous one. Although all doses taken from the original form should be proportionally increased. For example, if the propolis was in vodka of 43 or 45% it is necessary to double the amount of drops.
Recipe number 3: Chop a piece of propolis of 5 grams. Sift it and pour over with 90% alcohol. Leave for 3 days in a dark place at room temperature. Then put in the fridge for two hours. Strain the top layer through cotton wool without pouring the bottom layer with propolis suspension. So by squeezing you get a 5% tincture of propolis.
Official medicine uses propolis in pulmonology (tuberculosis), gynecology, proctology (colon and anus surgery), ENT, immunology, cardiology and oncology. Propolis preparations are not toxic but can cause allergies and stomach pain. This rarely happens mainly in people allergic to bee stings. Apply the tincture in spots on the part of the mucous membrane of the lip to check your reaction to propolis. There should be no burning or pain in the regular case. Propolis should not be used by people with acute kidney, gallbladder and liver diseases. Be careful with propolis and start treatment with small doses.

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