A simple massage for quick recovery of the body

Simple or so-called hygienic massage was used in ancient Egypt and Greece for the quick recovery of soldiers after a battle. Massage means:
-a body care product
-prophylaxis (prevention) of diseases and preservation of normal body functions
-a means for establishing mental and physical working ability
-removal of fatigue and exhaustion
-help with increased pressure on the organs of vision
-preserving and strengthening health
Massage for quick recovery of the body is performed alone or together with morning gymnastics. The massage is best done between training periods to relax and regenerate the muscles. Massage can be done in the sauna, steam bath, shower, bathtub. It is performed by a masseur or is a so-called “self-massage”. The basic procedures are: smoothing, rubbing, stretching, vibration, cracking and tapping. Aromatic oils, sand, salt, and ground coffee are used while the massage is being performed. Therapeutic exercises, body massage with water and rubbing with a brush are applied. During the morning, preference is given to stimulating procedures (stretching, vibration and light tapping). During the evening, calming procedures (ironing, cracking, surface stretching) are preferred.
The main goals of recovery massage are:
1. To raise the general tone of the organism
2. Prevent disease
3. Strengthens blood and lymphatic circulation
4. Normalizes the psychological and emotional state of the organism
5. Prepare the organism for active activity during the day and adjust the organism for active working ability
Recovery massage means the use of different devices and different massagers (vibration, vacuum devices, etc.). The massage is performed on the naked body or with cotton clothes that are thin and light (underwear). The massage should not cause pain and leave dark spots on the body. The amount of procedures and the intensity it is not desirable to change the procedures so that adaptation does not occur (because massage then has no positive effect on the individual).
Massage can be local or general. General massage is performed two to three times a week for a period of 20-25 minutes. A partial massage is performed daily. Duration depends on the area being massaged: 3-15 minutes. The Roman physician, surgeon and philosopher Galen developed various indications for morning and evening massage. The most important thing is to know that the preparation of the massage is performed according to the age, reactivity of the nervous system and the general health condition of the person who wants to perform the massage.
The technique and methods for massaging a person depend on the character of the person, the living conditions of the person, the age and sex of the person. For athletes, the method of massage depends on the sport in which the person is engaged, the frequency of training, the training season and the intensity of the load. Cosmetic massage is popular. It is used for pathological changes in facial skin and to prevent skin aging. Massage for quick recovery in children and the elderly should not be performed too vigorously and for a long time. The first sessions should be short and of lower intensity, which will gradually increase.

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