Natural remedies made from birch leaves, buds and bark

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Birch is a favorite tree that is considered to eliminate fatigue, erase the negative consequences of everyday stress, strengthen mental harmony and contribute to faster wound healing. Stand next to the birch to feel the healing energy of the birch tree. Leaves, buds, birch sap and the outer part of the birch tree bark are used to maintain youth and beauty.
Birch tree buds: The buds are used boiled in water to strengthen the hair and heal wounds on the body faster.
Birch tincture: in case of skin irritation, eczema, pimples and increased oiliness of the hair, birch bud tincture helps. It is prepared by pouring a part of fresh buds with 5 parts of vodka. Leave for ten days in a sealed bottle. Strain. This remedy is a good therapy for oily skin with enlarged pores. Can be used for dry and sensitive skin. Then dissolve the tincture in the same amount of water. Then apply a nourishing cream on your face.
Liquid with birch buds: tightens the skin well and narrows the pores. Aging skin should be rubbed. Coatings made of this liquid contribute to the rapid healing of scratches, cuts and cuts. Pour a tablespoon of birch buds with half a cup of boiling water. Let stand for an hour.
Solution for hair growth and strengthening: rub dissolved 10% tincture of birch buds into the scalp root (treat it with water in a ratio of 1:10), dissolving the tincture immediately before preparation.
Tea with birch leaves: improves complexion. Make a teaspoon of fine tea (fresh or dried) with a cup of boiling water. Birch leaves are often part of teas for weight loss. Boil birch leaves with water. Use this water to rinse your hair — hair becomes smooth, docile, vibrant, shiny, and healthy. Birch leaves give hair density. Hair becomes easier to maintain which is important for thin, soft and brittle hair.
Birch leaves are cooked and used for irritated skin and prone to inflammatory processes. Birch leaves are collected and used throughout the summer. Dried birch leaves can always be used throughout the year. It works well for rejuvenating withered skin and raising skin tone.

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