Powerful peas lower blood pressure and help the kidneys

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Some media have reported that pea proteins lower blood pressure. Peas are rich in protein, which contains a lot of essential amino acids. Glutamic amino acid, which plays an important role in brain cell nutrition, is especially valued. Peas contain mineral substances, of which calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, zinc and selenium are important salts. Peas also contain many cells capable of expelling toxins from the body and lowering cholesterol levels. Peas are useful to include in the diet for avitaminosis, anemia, cardiovascular diseases (especially atherosclerosis and hypertension) because it lowers blood pressure. Peas help with lack of protein in the body, diabetes, obesity, bleeding from the oral cavity, liver and kidney diseases, coughing, hemorrhoids, shortness of breath (frequent shortness of breath) and more. Peas have antitumor activity. Skin aging is slowed down by regular consumption of fresh, frozen and canned peas.
How to use peas?
Boiled pea and grass water has a diuretic effect and prevents the appearance of stones in the kidneys and urinary tract and affects the dissolution of stones.
Grind atherosclerosis-dry peas in a blender. Take one teaspoon three times a day an hour before meals with half a glass of water. The treatment lasts 10 days. A seven-day break follows. Repeat the treatment process. You need to have patience because the treatment is long lasting.
Mustard — Eat 3 to 4 fresh peas or soaked in water.
Gastric or peptic ulcer: Take two tablespoons of pea puree twice a day.
Persistent cough: pour a spoonful of pea flowers in a thermos with a cup of warm water. Leave for a few hours. Drink a few sips daily in small portions.
Kidney and urinary tract stone: Pour two tablespoons of pea grass with a cup and a half of boiling water. Leave for an hour to two hours. Strain. Drink two tablespoons 20 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day. Or pour a spoonful of ground peas with a cup of boiling water. Cook briefly for 3-4 minutes on low heat. After an hour when the mixture has cooled strain the mixture. Drink a cup of the drink two to three times a day half an hour before meals.
Acute dermatitis and eczema: grind young peas into a pulpy mixture. Mix with raw egg whites in a ratio of 1: 1. Put the mixture on the sore spot. Cover with foil and then with a cotton bandage. Change the dressing twice a day.
Peas have medicinal properties but are not “panacea” (medicine for all diseases). Peas do not restore leasticity to blood vessels nor do they release blood vessels from atherosclerotic deposits. To keep your blood pressure under control, you need to change your lifestyle: reduce your intake of salt, fatty foods and unsaturated fats in your diet, regulate your body weight, do not drink fluids in the evening, and move often. Pea treatment is not recommended for all people because it sometimes causes bloating. Peas are rich in purines, so they are undesirable if the metabolism of minerals in the body is disturbed. Peas are eliminated from the diet in case of gout. It is contraindicated in case of increased blood clotting (high prothrombin index), myocardial infarction, condition after stroke and thrombophlebitis.

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