Siberian lilac stone calms the nervous system, heals the kidneys and brings complete psycho-physical balance

A unique natural lilac-colored stone called Charoit was found directly on the border of the Yakutia and Irkutsk regions in Russia. Most stones are attributed certain magical and healing properties. Many types of stones have a long history surrounded by legends and unusual stories. Although it was difficult to obtain a sample of Charoite stone, experts actively conducted experiments with this stone to shed empirically on the possibilities of Charoite. The purple color of the stone indicated the connection of the stone with certain vibrations. We know that color and sound are actually waves. Apart from Charoite, only Amethyst and Alexandrite have a purple color that no other semi-precious stones have. Although the childhood of Charoite has not been sufficiently studied, something is already obvious. The color purple from ancient times symbolizes wisdom, spirituality and harmony with nature. In the Middle Ages, purple clothes were therefore worn only by kings and priests. Even today, Charoit is not recommended for all people. This stone combines well with other stones. It serves as an assistant to people of philosophical mind, spiritually oriented people who love a peaceful and observant life. It has been observed that people who wear Charoit become more prudent, to more easily refrain from anger and outbursts of anger and turbulent emotions.

  1. Charoite has a calming effect on the condition of the human nervous system. It is best to wear a ring with this stone on your right hand.
  2. If you look at the stone in a moment of anxiety, you attract peace and peace of mind. This stone improves memory.
  3. You can put Charoite on a painful part of the body so that this mineral “pulls” pain and tension. The water in which this stone stood helps with prostatitis and diseases of the urogenital tract.
  4. Contributes to the destruction of kidney stones.
  5. Charoite is a talisman for harmony in love and peace in the family. Over time, this mineral was considered the guardian of the family hearth. Bio-energy experts believe that people should put a figure made of this mineral in a location in their home. The best options are a bedroom or kitchen.
  6. There is a belief that in the home in which it is located

the subject of Charoite love and mutual understanding will never go out. It is believed that a person who owns jewelry made of this mineral will never be alone or lonely.

  1. The state of inner and outer harmony requires that all qualities in life be harmonized and balanced. This mineral helps a person to better understand the true picture of himself, the world and get rid of illusions. If a person wears Charoit, he will control himself better and will feel harmony with his surroundings without despair.
  2. Charoit helps its owner to realize himself in art if he has a penchant for art.

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