Black tea increases strength and strengthens blood vessels

Scientists have discovered about 300 bioactive substances in tea that affect many biochemical and physiological activities in the body. That is why tea is considered a miraculous beverage with valuable nutritional and healing properties. Tea leaves contain about 35% of bitter substances that stimulate digestion. Tannin has about 80% of these 35% bitter substances. Other substances are flavonoids, 2-5% coefficient, theophylline, theobromine, glycosides, essential oil, enzymes, vitamin C, B1, B2, PP, K, P, minerals and other substances. The tannin content is reduced by 50% during fermentation. The amount of essential oils is also reduced. The content of vitamin PP increases several times. In the tea leaf, most microelements and macroelements are contained in organic compounds, which are usually in a colloidal state. Therefore, when cooked, the tea quickly turns into a healing liquid. The youngest leaves are torn off to get a quality raw material. Or the tip of a tea bush shoot. In tea factories, special types of tea are obtained from freshly collected tea leaves using special technologies: black, green, red and yellow tea. Black tea is fermented. This process occurs due to fermentation, which causes sudden changes in the chemical composition of tea.
The caffeine in tea is a strong stimulant. That is why tea is not recommended for people who suffer from insomnia, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and nervous tension. Healthy people should also not use too much strong tea concentrate because it causes overexertion of the nervous system, restlessness, increased pulse. Tea called “chifir” is dangerous to health because you can be poisoned. This is due to the technology of preparation of this tea: 20 to 30 times increased dose of dry tea is exposed to long cooking and evaporation. Then harmful alkaloids are secreted into the solution, which irritate the central nervous system. Useful components from this drink evaporate or change the chemical composition during processing. Breastfeeding mothers need to know that some of the caffeine is excreted in milk. Therefore, taking large amounts of tea at bedtime can cause insomnia in infants.
Benefits of tea:

  1. Strong tea contains a large amount of caffeine which has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, strengthens the body. It is useful for exhaustion, lack of strength, fatigue and decline in mental abilities.
  2. In case of poisoning, it is recommended to give tea as first aid.
  3. Tea helps absorb ascorbic acid. Catechins from tea in the composition of digestive agents (and tannin), close in structure to vitamin P, strengthen the absorption of vitamin C. They increase the strength of capillaries and reduce the flexibility of the walls of blood vessels. There are data on the beneficial effects of tannins in the case of hypertension.
  4. Due to the high content of tannins, tea has a binding effect and helps digest food. It is therefore recommended in case of diarrhea and other intestinal disorders. The healing effect of tea leaves is related to the bactericidal properties of tannins. A strong tea beverage is used for external use. Tea compresses relieve pain in case of sunburn. It is recommended to wash yourself with tea before going out in the strong sun. Strong tea compresses help with inflammatory processes, redness of the eyes and morning swollen eyelids.

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