5 favorite breakfast cereals

Cereals are filling, give strength and energy and each of the cereals contains useful substances.

  1. Buckwheat- do not mix this cereal with sugar as sugar neutralizes all the beneficial properties of buckwheat. Buckwheat has a high percentage of protein and nutrients. buckwheat is low in calories, rich in iron, magnesium and potassium. It contains microelements important for the work of the heart and necessary for people who suffer from insomnia and want to lose extra pounds. Buckwheat has a minimal glycemic index which is important for diabetics.
  2. This- is most useful when prepared with water. The coarser the ground oat grain, the healthier the meal with oats. Oats should not be eaten every day because they prevent the absorption of calcium. Oats contain cellulose needed to cleanse the intestines and expel harmful substances (and toxins) from the body and lower cholesterol. Oats are rich in microelements and vitamins. Oats are a very useful cereal to improve digestion.
  3. Soak wheat semolina in water and leave for ten minutes before preparation. Rinse then and bring to a boil. Then cook it for a maximum of 6 minutes. Grits are eaten hot because they lose most of their useful substances when cooled. semolina is rich in protein, potassium and phosphorus. Contains cellulose. Semolina contains a large amount of lysine. This amino acid has an antiviral effect, especially in herpes virus.
  4. The taste of wheat is affected by the ostrich of wheat grains. The more yellow the grains, the tastier they are. When the grains are dark – the meal is more loose. Grain is rich in carbohydrates, so it provides a feeling of satiety for a long time. Wheat is exposed to minimal processing, which allows a large amount of cellulose to be preserved in wheat. It is useful for people who suffer from the gastrointestinal tract. Pšebica cleans the intestines and removes harmful substances and salts from the body. It stimulates the cleansing of blood vessels and can prevent the development of atherosclerosis.
  5. Rice – among different types of rice, give preference (when buying) to brown rice. The husks of brown rice contain the maximum amount of useful microelements and vitamins because the grain has not been exposed to additional processing. Rice is a natural absorbent. It removes harmful substances from the body and normalizes metabolism. It contains complex carbohydrates that allow you to increase muscle mass without gaining weight.

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