Artichoke is an excellent cleanser of the body

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Artichoke (lat. Cynara carduncu-lus) is a perennial herbaceous vegetable. It is grown for its nutritional value and for medicinal purposes. Ancillary medicinal products are produced from artichokes. Artichokes are favored by a warm climate and are grown in warm regions, southern Europe and the Mediterranean. The artichoke-like plant is found in drawings from Egyptian tombs. That is why it is believed that artichokes have been grown since ancient times. The god Zeus was in love with the girl Cynara according to ancient legend. Zeus couldn’t stand the rejection so he turned Cynar into an artichoke. In the Middle Ages, artichokes were considered to prevent unpleasant body odor, which was very important in the historical period of poor hygiene and the appearance of various diseases. Artichoke is rich in useful phytonutrients. It contains protein, fiber, carbohydrates, healthy fats and minerals. It contains inulin which increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and lowers blood sugar levels. Preparations of heat-treated artichoke contain the active substance cinnarine (bioflavonoid). Cynarin is an antioxidant that binds free radicals. Scientists have concluded that cinnarine stimulates the excretion of waste products from body tissue. This cleanses the body of excess salt and water. It affects the liver because it removes harmful toxins and removes fat from the cells and helps fight excess weight. Cinnarine helps cleanse the bile and expel gallstones. Excellent in the treatment of liver cirrhosis, Cinarin helps cerebral microcirculation and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
Artichoke lowers cholesterol, has a diuretic and laxative effect. Preparations with these vegetables are used to treat jaundice, eczema, psoriasis, some sexually transmitted diseases and skin allergies. Artichoke accelerates the recovery of patients who have had liver or kidney surgery. Helps fight cellulite and overweight. It is considered an excellent aphrodisiac. Artichoke cleanses the blisters and pancreas, prevents cardiovascular and rheumatic problems, edema, diabetes and gout.
In the outer part of the stem there are essential oils that stimulate sexual desire and prolong sexual activity. The use of artichokes is recommended for couples who have problems conceiving. Some folk beliefs say that a diet rich in artichokes contributes to a woman giving birth to a boy. Artichoke contains a lot of calcium, so preparations from this vegetable have a beneficial effect on bone mineral composition and prevent osteoporosis. The use of medicinal preparations with artichoke is prohibited for children under 12, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Not recommended for people with cholecystitis and gallbladder blockage.

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