Literary recommendations for September 2020

1.Råttkungen by Pascal Engman- Today there are men who meet on secret internet forums. They are united by a life of forced celibacy. A young woman was found dead in her apartment in northern Stockholm. Police Inspector Vanessa Frank begins an investigation into the case. Inspector Frank has a feeling she’s missing something crucial. Especially after another crime.
In the midst of the strengthening of feminism and the #metoo movement, the digital network of men-haters of women is expanding. They call themselves “incels”. They live in the darkest corners of the internet. They are united in their desire to take revenge on the women who despised them and did not even deign to look at them. As Vanessa Frank questions the possible involvement of an ominous network of incells in crimes, more and more lives are at stake.
This book is the third and so far most shocking novel by Swedish author Pascal Engman. His thrillers uncompromisingly reveal burning social problems. His books have already become a phenomenon and are attracting a growing number of readers in Scandinavia and the world. Engman is the author of a specific style – the plot in his thrillers runs fast, like movie flashes. Narrative perspectives change through the visions of different characters. Engman’s novels open up current and controversial social topics about which little is still known and, unfortunately, too little is said.
“This is an incredibly important book, but also a tense novel about dark places where hatred can take us.” – Fantastiska Berättelser
“Engman has earned his place among the elite writers of crime novels.” – Aftonbladet

“Read the book! I guarantee that it will shake you well and that you will get an insight into some of the newer phenomena of our society. ”- Anders, Kapprakt
“A new star in the Swedish writer’s sky.” – Läsesalongen
2.The Shack (by William P. Young) – Mack Mackenzia’s youngest daughter Missy was abducted during a family vacation. Evidence that she was brutally murdered was found in an abandoned hut in the Oregon wilderness. The grieving Mack receives an amazing message four years later. The message invites Mack to visit that same hut. Despite his doubts, Mack goes there one winter morning and experiences the darkest sea. What he finds in the hut will change Mack’s life forever.
In a world where religion is becoming increasingly irrelevant, this book grapples with the eternal question – where is God in a world filled with unspeakable pain. What Mack experienced will amaze you and change maybe exactly as much — it changed him.
“When a writer’s imagination and the theologian’s passion fertilize each other, it yields a book like Koliba. This book has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan’s Pilgrimage Becoming has done for his. She is so good! ”
Eugene Peterson
“I haven’t read a more impressive novel than Koliba in a long time. My wife and I laughed, cried and regretted all the time because of our lack of faith. After reading the Hut, you will cry for the divine presence. ”
Michael W. Smith, singer
“Finally! A novel about the meeting of man and God, which is characterized by literary value and spiritual courage. The hut cuts through the clichés of religion and bad literature revealing something impressive and too late about the eternal dance of life and God. This story reads like a prayer – and the most valuable prayers, filled with sweat and amazement, clarity and amazement. If you decide to read only one book this year, let it be this one. “
Mike Morrell,
“An extraordinary reading that leads you to the very essence of divine existence in the midst of terrible human suffering. This ingenious story will make you question the divine nature and His plan on a much higher level than you could have dreamed. ”
David Gregory, author of Dinner with a Perfect Stranger
“The hut will change your thinking about God forever.”
Kathy Lee Gifford, host of NBC’s Today Show
“I really thought this would be just another book in a row. People, believe me – NO! I never joined any self-help movements and recommended them. But this time I want to involve all my friends and all people in this. I don’t remember when a book, and even fiction, had so much healing

impact on my life. ”
Drew Marshall, host of the radio show The Drew Marshall Show

3.The Island (Victoria Hislop) – At the crossroads of important life decisions, 20-year-old Alexis Fielding wants to learn more about her mother’s carefully hidden past. All she knows is that Sofia grew up in a small fishing village in Crete, so when she finally decides to visit that Greek island, her mother gives her a letter for her old friend Fotini – a letter that should offer answers to all her questions.
But the first thing Alexis discovers is the island. Opposite her mother’s home village of Plake, separated only by a thin strip of sea, she will be greeted by Spinalonga, a former leper colony. When Alexis finds Fotini, she will finally discover the story that Sofia has been hiding all her life: the story of her great-grandmother Elena, her two daughters, the shocking saga of a family ravaged by misfortune, war and passions.
The story of the family will thus become the story of the island, and through it Alexis will discover the secret of the family’s past, but also of her own future. A shocking story of love and misfortune, which conquered the world!
British author Victoria Hislop has worked in publishing and as a freelance journalist specializing in travelogues. Her travels have taken her across all continents, from riding the waves on the Colorado River to riding elephants in India, and her love for Greece – a country she has visited many times – has spawned the world bestseller “Island”, which won audiences but the award for best literary debut. Often compared to de Bernieres’ Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, the 2007 British Book Awards, this novel about love, misfortune and passion is an irresistibly appealing image of the Mediterranean. Victoria Hislop lives in Kent with her husband and two children.
Finally – a beach book with a soul! – Observer
The fascinating beauty of Crete, carefully guarded family secrets, war, passion and the desire to survive …
World hit, one of the best-selling titles of 2006! Best Literary Debut Award, British Book Awards 2007
An exciting novel that reminds us that love and life survive even in the most incredible circumstances.- Sunday Express
A touching and impressive story – The Scotsman
Careful research, imagination and a clear love for Crete in this novel produce an impressive picture of the island throughout history. The author manages to extract dramatic potential from every sudden turn, from each of her characters, who fall and rise on that stage. – Evening Standard
Passionate approach to the topic – The Sunday Times

  1. Why Men Merry Bitches (by Sherry Argov) – This book is a humorous guide to relationships, intended for “too good” women. With the basic message that success in love is not achieved by appearance but by attitude (although the media want to convince us otherwise), the author teaches women how to have or keep that attitude. In order to have any self-esteem, Argov says, it takes a little disrespect – according to what others think.
    “The Bitch” is a strong woman who draws immense strength from her ability to think independently, especially in a world that still forces women to self-deny. Such a woman does not live by others, but only by her own standards. It is a woman who plays by her own rules, who has a sense of confidence, freedom and strength.
    Bitches that men like have an “I don’t care” attitude and possess “sharpness”. It is, not coincidentally, the same sharpness that attracts men, who when they describe a woman who does not try to reach a man at all costs – regularly talk about a “mental challenge”. The word “bitch” has the same meaning as their principle of mental challenge. And that feature is most appealing to them.
  1. Fifty shades of gray (by Erica L. James) is the first part of a trilogy that follows the adventures of shy student Anastasia Steele after meeting the charismatic tycoon Christian Gray. stay in you.Four million copies have been sold in just four weeks in the US. The popularity of this book is evidenced by the fact that as many as 45 countries have purchased the rights to publish this title.
    About the book: When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Gray, she meets a handsome, very intelligent and intimidating man. The inexperienced and innocent Ana realizes with fear that she wants this man and that, despite his mysterious restraint, she desperately wants to get closer to him. Unable to resist Ana’s unobtrusive beauty, wit and free-spirited spirit, Gray admits that he wants her too, but on his own terms. Namely, he proposes to her a sadomasochistic relationship that she will enter into only after Anastasia signs a special contract. Shocked, but also excited by Christian’s unusual erotic taste, Ana hesitates. Despite all the outward signs of success – an international company, immense wealth, a devoted family, Christian Gray is a man tormented by demons and obsessed with the need to control everything. When the couple engages in a bold, passionate sexual relationship, Ana reveals Christian’s secrets and explores her own dark desires.The first sequel to the eponymous trilogy is the best-selling title in the US and the UK. Film rights were paid as much as nine million dollars. Book success data:• 4 million copies sold in just 4 weeks in the US• $ 9 million in film adaptation rights paid• 1 # on the New York Times, USA Today, Barnes & Noble,, best-selling headline charts• Best-selling title in the US and UK in 2012• 45 countries have purchased the rights to publish this title

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