6 tips for healthier aging and longevity

  1. Food-most useful is natural food that is not heat-treated, food that is slightly baked or cooked. It is great to divide the diet into several small meals a day.
  2. Movement-is mandatory. Move slowly. If you often feel dizzy, use a cane or other aids. Choose the rod according to the height. The best stick is with a special armrest and a pole on top. An orthopedist advises people to choose a stick. The physiatrist advises which complex of exercises a person should choose. In the morning, it is best to do simple exercises with the arms and legs without any aids (twisting the hands and feet, separating and contracting the arms and legs).
  3. Drugs and additional biologically active supplements isolated from animal organs and tissues (peptides) contribute to healthy aging and longevity. Peptides maintain the body in case of various pathological processes (atherosclerosis, myocardium, heart attack, hypertension, oncological and gastrointestinal problems, metabolic disorders).
  4. Housework – it is recommended to do some of the housework every day (watering flowers, dusting, etc.). A person should always feel useful and significant in the family and society. It is useful for a person in old age to lead an active life and to be up to date with events in the local community, place of residence, the state and the whole world.
  5. Diet-It is useful to eat chicken, fish and vegetables. Fatty foods should be avoided even though 10 grams of fatty foods are allowed per day. Eat two fruits a day: pears, apples, kiwis or bananas. Cook the porridge with diluted milk. You need to drink more fluids. To avoid osteoporosis and bone fractures, one calcium tablet should be taken daily. Eat cow’s cheese and yellow cheese and sour milk products. A tablespoon of fish oil daily is recommended.
  6. The key to good health and healthy longevity is to monitor biological rhythms. You should sleep early and get out of bed early in the morning. All people are children of the sun, so the rhythm of the sun should be followed. The pineal gland (pineal gland) in the cerebrum secretes melatonin from 24 hours to 2 hours after midnight. If a person has a sleep rhythm disorder then the secretion of melatonin is noticeably reduced. As a rule, many healthy and long-lived people go to bed early, although the active rhythm of life sometimes does not allow us to always adhere to healthy habits.

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