A great and inexpensive remedy for hypochondria is a shower with cold water

Hypochondria (imaginary patient) is a problem of a psychic nature. It can affect any person and any age. Hypochondria is most often triggered by a traumatic event. A person is not able to cope with deep and strong emotions, so he starts looking for manifestations of the disease. The person then switches to noticing physical symptoms instead of considering their own fears. There are people who do not know how to talk about their emotions, cannot properly express emotions or establish emotional contact with the environment, so they start trying to change their attitude towards themselves by inventing a physical illness. In this way, they draw the attention of other people from the environment. The root of the problem should often be sought in childhood. If the parents / guardians often took care of the child’s physical well-being and rarely took care of the child’s spiritual condition, then that person will often strive to transfer the conversations to the physical level as they grow up.
For the purpose of overcoming hypochondria, the following psychological methods are applied: psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, logotherapy, personality-oriented psychotherapy. In conversations with experts, old insults are revealed, deep emotional conflicts (whose roots go back to childhood) are revealed, and ways to overcome this problem are sought. Therapy helps to raise awareness of bad habits to refresh the outlook on life, adopt new values ​​and the desire for the person / patient to be healthy. The most correct tactic that can help a hypochondriac is a polite and unwavering cold. The hypochondriac will heal over time without encountering constant confirmation of his fears. When it comes to a person who is obsessed with diseases, sports and walks in nature (especially in the woods or by the sea) help the most. A great remedy for hypochondria is to shower with cold water because showering diverts attention from physical symptoms. Every person sometimes has health problems, some people have a stomach problem, some people have an uncomfortable feeling in the spine and the like. Not every disease requires treatment and visits to doctors. Weaknesses often pass quickly. Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down in worries and get really sick. The person is advised to consult a psychologist and psychotherapist who will teach the patient to distinguish physical pain from emotions.

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