3 most common types of headaches and natural treatments

  1. Hypertension-pressing pain in the back of the head. The pain intensifies when coughing and sneezing. First aid: lie half-sitting with your head in a slightly raised position. Place a towel dipped in cold water on your forehead and temples. Measure your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is elevated than usual, take an extraordinary dose of the appropriate medicine prescribed by your doctor. To direct some of the blood to the periphery of the head — coat the back of the feet and the back of the neck with mustard.
  2. Migraine-pain occurs on one side of the head most often in the temples. The pain has a pulsating character. First aid: ventilate the room. Take a comfortable position. Pull the curtains so that there are halves in the room. Ensure silence. Try to fall asleep. Sleep often solves problems or relieves symptoms. Drink a cup of mild and sweet tea if the migraine attack does not subside. Take alternating showers with cold and warm water. Simply dip your feet in a warm bath. Put a hot water bottle or cold water wrap on your head. Massage the feet and temples. Chamomile flower tea helps. Helps tea from chopped Valerian root. It helps to chew pieces of Valerian. Lemongrass tea or black ginger tea helps. If you have high blood pressure then do not use ginger. Fresh orange juice helps.
  3. Headache caused by stress-constant pain starting from the nape of the neck or the back of the head. Can be intensified and spread like a hoop around the whole head. It gives an uncomfortable feeling but is not unbearable. First aid: ventilate the room. Do a gentle head massage. Gently stroke the part of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck with your hand. Also gently massage the part of the head from the scalp to the ears with your hands. Self-massage is a great help and going out into the fresh air. It helps deep breathing to divert thoughts from the problem.

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