Make your correct diagnosis according to the condition of your left arm

This is an interesting method of self-diagnosis looking at the condition of your left arm. For diagnostics, it is necessary to press the points marked on the photo. The more diseased the organ — the more sensitive the area. The size of the zone of a certain organ is approximately equal to the width of the tips of the phalanges (cheekbones) of the index finger.

  1. Small intestine — for more detailed information, pay attention to the little fingernail of both hands. Longitudinal stripes indicate problems in the functioning of this organ.
  2. Heart-weaker movement of the little finger of the left hand in case of pathology.
  3. Bile-feeling pain. Thickening or fibrous changes are possible in the case of stones — in the area of ​​matching (projection in the figure).
  4. Liver
  5. Urinary tract
  6. Kidneys or fibrotic changes (for example lumps) are noticeable in the kidney at a given point in the case of kidney stones.
  7. Weakness of the left lung-increased sensitivity in the left zone. In case of pneumonia, pain in the whole thumb is possible. Sometimes a network of capillaries appears.
  8. Disorder in the function of the lungs – deformation, longitudinal protrusion and fungus on the nails.
  9. Lower part of the colon – in case of pathology, an upright or transverse protrusion of the nail (spots on the nail) and fungus on the nail is noticeable.
  10. Lower part of the large intestine – if there are pathological changes, there is a disease of the joints of the index finger of the left hand. The index finger of the left hand is then usually deformed. There are spots on the nail. White spots on the nail indicate worms and parasites in the intestines.
  11. Nervous system – finger movements are limited in case of illness. Transverse spots on the nail are noticeable.
  12. Small intestine and heart – nail deformation is noticeable if there is pathology. Weakness of the muscles that bend the finger is noticeable. The little finger sometimes indicates heart pain.
  13. Signs of nervousness and infection with worms are long-lasting white spots or spots on the nails. Transverse grooves on the nails indicate strong stress.
  14. Pain caused by a light touch indicates hidden nervousness, possible nervous breakdown, mental fatigue and gastrointestinal tract problems.
  15. Pain in this area indicates deficiencies in the proper functioning of the heart.

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