Neum is the only town in Bosnia and Herzegovina located on the Adriatic Sea

The Mediterranean town of Neum is located in the southern part of Herzegovina and in the extreme southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the only city located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. In 1718, the Republic of Dubrovnik ceded the area of ​​Neum to the Turks. The municipality of Neum became part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the signing of the Dayton Agreement in 1995 and the peace agreement in Washington in 1994. Neum belongs to the Herzegovina-Neretva County. The Dayton Peace Agreement is a legal act of a consensual nature initialed at the Right-Paterson military airport near Dayton (Ohio), in order to officially end the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina (which lasted from 1992 to 1995). The agreement dealt in particular with the future administrative and constitutional arrangement of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the last census of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 97.64% of the population of Neum is Croat Catholic.
Neum is about 4 hours drive from the capital Sarajevo, or 211 kilometers. National monuments Hutovski grad, the church of St. Anne in Gradac, the archeological site Vranjevo Selo and the necropolises of Crkvina, Brštanica and Međugorje are located in the wider area of ​​the town of Neum, only a few kilometers away from each other. Neum has long and warm summers and short and mild winters. That is why it is one of the coastal cities with the largest number of sunny days. Mean monthly sea surface temperatures range around 13 ° C in January and up to 32 ° C in July and August. Favorable climatic conditions allow swimming and sunbathing for almost 7 months a year. They also provide climate therapy consisting of clean coastal air, walks along the coast and various water sports.
The mild Mediterranean climate in this area favors citrus growing. Traditionally grown: tobacco, figs, vines, almonds, laurel, cabbage, potatoes and onions. Many types of cheese, wine, brandy, dried and salted fish, prosciutto, dried figs, honey and woolen products are produced. In the town and surroundings of Neum there are numerous hotels, apartments and private accommodation. Neum has 7000 beds in high category hotels, as well as resorts and private accommodation, where conditions are provided for a pleasant stay throughout the year. Given the size of the municipality and its tourist potential, the current accommodation capacities meet the needs. There are also the necessary Health Center, post office, banks and small private restaurants that enrich the hotel offer, as well as a large network of shops.
In addition to hotel facilities, guests are offered excursions by bus and boat to neighboring tourist destinations in the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Dubrovnik, Mostar, Medjugorje, Hutovo Blato Nature Park). Indigenous

the population of Neum has always been engaged in agriculture, fishing and extensive livestock. An additional source of income is cooking precious sea salt and picking / collecting medicinal and spice herbs: sage, rosemary and heather. In the past, the inhabitants of Neum were known as stone masons for building houses and dry stone walls.

Since 2004, the “Neum Animated Film Festival” has been held every year at the beginning of summer. Guests from all over the world take part in this festival. Every summer in the second half of August, the traditional Croatian music festival “Etnofest Neum” and a folklore festival are held in Neum. A klapa festival is also held in August. There is an active museum and gallery in Neum with about 500 works of art. Organized by the Chess Federation of Herceg-Bosna, the team competition of the First Chess League of Herceg-Bosna has been held in Neum since 1994. The hinterland of Neum is rich in olive groves and vineyards. It is an ideal area for agritourism lovers. The Croatian Cultural and Artistic Association “Hutovo” is the organizer of the traditional event “Ivanjski Krijesovi”.

Some of the most famous hotels in Neum are: Hotel Zenit, Hotel Sunce, Hotel Jadran and many more.

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