The assortment of juices and jams by Igman Food Factory (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The Igman Food Factory offers a high quality assortment of juices and jams. Their products are totally natural products with a lot of vitamins and all made with carefully selected domestic ingredients of fruits. Their products are cholesterol and gluten free made from the original traditional receptures with no added wtaer or sugar. Cold pressed apple and cherry juices and an apple-aronia-ginger.cinnamon juices are among the others. There are plum, raspberry and cherry jams, plus aronia and plum marmelades as well as dried apple chips and applesauce. Their products can be bought at Igman Food Factory, McCafe within McDonalds restaurant (Sarajevo), Ibis Style Hotel (in Sarajevo), Tarčin Forest Resort & Spa (near Sarajevo), buy them at pharmacies and a lot of other supermarkets and shops (Bingo, Penny, Mercator, Hoše, Dedina Magaza) or place an order online at

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