World Cleanup Day 2020

Join millions of volunteer in 180 countries to clean up the world in one day.

World Cleanup Day is a civic movement, uniting 180 countries and millions of people across the world to clean up the planet. In one day.

Volunteers and partners worldwide come together to rid our planet of trash – cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets.This world-changing idea began in the small northern European country of Estonia, in 2008. 50,000 people united to clean up the entire country in just five hours.

Choose the cleanup option you can do

Since the situation with Covid-19 virus is not the same in every country and meetups might not be allowed, we offer two alternative ways in addition to regular team cleanups: invidual and digital cleanup. If you’re not sure what’s allowed, ask your country representative. We still ask you to register and give your results when acting individually!Register here:)

Pick up the cigarette butts

Cigarette butts are the most common litter picked up during World Cleanup Day actions. You can participate at World Cleanup Day just picking up cigarette butts! Let’s pick up 1 billion cigarette butts. If you join the butts challenge, please do not forget to register your result!More about cigarette butts:)

If you can’t participate, donate!

World Cleanup Day is a big Grid.Collaboration project – only together can we make our world clean again! Everyone can give the resources they have – from two hands to pick up a piece of waste to bags, gloves and other resources.

Do the cleanup and send your results

To measure our impact, we need to understand your own or the team effort. Please take time to read the requirements how to measure your results, measure or weigh the trash you Grid.Collected and send us the results! Same goes for individual and digital cleanups.

Let’s Do It World MTÜ


Roosikrantsi 3, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia


+372 52 97557


    • Dear Lookoom,
      Many thanks for your comment. Yes, since the whole mankind exist there have been polluters of some kind but also there have been cleaners so the balance exist for a long time. Here I appeal on the Sarajevo Government Authorities to do their best and provide more public trash cans cause one can walk for miles and there is no any trash can along walking/bicycle streets/alleys. Wishing you all the best. Amela

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