4 tips to quickly and effectively eliminate the symptoms of colds and flu

Cover photo: https://www.amazon.com/Iceland-Extract-Cetraria-Islandica-Tincture/

Colds and flu are diseases associated with cold and low temperatures so they are quickly treated first with a cup of hot tea. Drink a cup of hot tea every two hours, which quickly eliminates the symptoms of colds and flu.

  1. Wash your nose with garlic and onion tinctures. Foods that you take into the body against colds can be used well for rinsing the nose.
  2. Put a small piece of Iceland moss (lat. Centraria islandica) on the cheek. This plant is a natural antibiotic. It can be bought in health food stores or herbal pharmacies. Drink Iceland lichen and milk liquid sweetened with honey overnight. The results are visible in the morning because this drink is healing and effective.
  3. Wild oregano (lat. Origanum vulgare) is a good remedy against sweating and coughing. Boil one tablespoon of the plant in hot water. Drink hot tea sweetened with honey. This drink is drunk without certain rules. In case of pregnancy and menstrual cycles in women, this drink is contraindicated.
  4. Diuretic and diaphoretic herbs (encourage sweating) are needed to expel toxins from the body. Cranberry (lat. Oxycoccus) has diuretic properties. Linden and raspberry are good diaphoretic plants.


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