Keep spruce tree branches above the front door for well-being in the home

Spruce (lat. Picea) is a well-known tree, especially during the New Year’s holidays. Spruce wood spreads a wonderful scent and gives energy. This tree is especially useful for people who suffer from lack of strength. Short contact with spruce helps to eliminate nervousness and nervous tension. Folk belief says that cleaning the home with spruce needles drives away “evil forces”. Put a few spruce needles in the pan. Smoke will disperse throughout the home and fill all corners of the home. Place a bouquet of spruce branches above the front door so that the home is filled with prosperity, joy and happiness. Spruce buds, young branches, spruce needles and cones are used for medicinal purposes. Preparations with spruce have disinfectant, diuretic and analgesic properties. They lower body temperature very well. They are great for coughing.

Healing properties of spruce

  1. Fluid with spruce needles is used to reduce immunity. Pour two tablespoons of small needles with a cup of boiling water. Cook for another 10 minutes. Take a small spoon three times a day during the winter months (half a spoon during the summer months).
  2. Avitaminosis. Pour two tablespoons of spruce needles with half a liter of boiling water. Drink three times a day.
  3. Respiratory diseases. Spruce branches and milk. Pour 30 grams of spruce branches with a liter of milk. Cook for 30 minutes on low heat. Drink small amounts throughout the day.
    Cosmetic preparations of spruce
    Cracked skin of hands, cracked lips, dry hands. A simple spruce ointment cures these symptoms and helps with hemorrhoids, blisters, cuts, burns. Apply the ointment once or twice a day on the damaged areas until complete healing. Preparation: in a small clay pot, alternately arrange the butter and cut spruce needles in a ratio of 1: 2. Cover the dish. Hermetically grease all openings with dough (water and any of my flour). Keep for 8 hours in the oven at a temperature of about 60 C degrees. The preparation is ready when the needles are soft and olive in color. You can make this fat by steaming. Strain the finished oil through several layers of sterile gauze. Pour into sterile containers. You can put a smaller amount in the fridge. Keep the rest of the fat in the freezer for long-term storage. You can pour the fat into small plastic ice buckets.

Photo: PIHQA- a natural Finnish spruce tree resin balm


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