Oranges are recommended for women to prevent heart disease

Orange is a perfect fruit for women because it “works” in favor of the hormone estrogen. In this way, heart disease is prevented until old age. Vitamin C in oranges is stored for more than half a year. Oranges and orange juice contain a large amount of pectin which contributes to regular bowel movements. This reduces the process of food decay and the amount of toxins in the body.
Orange is a strong allergen. Therefore, use this fruit in moderation to avoid an allergic reaction. Monitor the condition of your skin after consuming oranges. Orange should not be used in case of gastric or duodenal ulcer, gastritis with increased acidity of gastric juice and due to worsening of inflammatory processes of the intestine. In these cases, a little orange juice mixed with water can be used.
South China is home to oranges. In the 15th century, the orange appeared in Europe. At that time, special glass rooms for growing oranges were made. Orange is also called “apple from China” (German Apfelsine). The juicy flesh of oranges contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamins B1, B2, P (bioflavonoids) and provitamin A. Oranges and orange juice contain a higher amount of sugar (10%), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium), citric acid, pectins and flavonoids.

The use of oranges for medicinal purposes:

  1. Orange juice opens the appetite and strengthens digestion. Recommended for chronic abstinence.
  2. Contributes to lowering blood cholesterol due to the coarse fiber that oranges are rich in.
  3. They are recommended due to high blood pressure, obesity, gout, atherosclerosis and liver disease.
  4. Oranges are recommended for women who have estrogen hormones in their body, which contribute to the preservation of the cardiovascular system until old age. Men have this hormone in small amounts. When the level of estrogen is normal in a woman’s body, then there is a small risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. The cytochrome enzyme destroys estrogen in the female body. Bioflavonoids from orange block the cytochrome as a result of which the destruction of estrogen slows down. It is recommended that one to two oranges a day protect the body of women from all cardiovascular diseases.
  1. A good orange fruit should be a little heavier than it seems to you. For fresh juice, take the oranges out of the fridge (the vitamins in the fruit are better stored in the fridge). To get more juice, keep the fruit at room temperature. The juice should be drunk with a pulp in which there are many useful substances. Cut the orange into slices (with the peel). Remove the pits. Chop the orange in a blender. The bark contains the most vitamin C, dietary fiber and bioflavonoids. The drink will be bitter because the orange peel contains bitter essential oils. It will reduce appetite and bring maximum health benefits.


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