When the body temperature increases then the pulse speeds up by 8 beats

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The most important rule for a simple calculation that can replace a thermometer is that the heart rate accelerates by 8 beats when the body temperature rises. This information can be useful for camping, hiking, staying in nature and other similar activities in situations where you forgot to bring a thermometer. A heart rate of 12 beats higher than the normal heart rate = means that the temperature is 38 degrees. Pulse of 20 beats higher = 39 degrees. Pulse of 30 beats higher = 40 degrees. In case of fever, the skin is warm (or even hot) on the folds of the elbows, on the lower legs and at the base of the skull. If a person’s pulse is, for example; before going camping it was 70 beats per minute and during camping he noticed some of the symptoms. Measure your heart rate which is now 84 beats per minute. Divide the difference by 8 to calculate how many degrees the body temperature has increased. So in this case, the person’s temperature increased by more than one degree. So the person has an increased temperature of about 38 degrees.
Cucumbers are a great vegetable to fight high or high temperatures. They have the property of cleaning and cooling. Drink half a glass of fresh cucumber juice (maximum 200ml per day) if the body temperature is higher than 38.5. Rub the body with cucumber juice. Then lie down in bed. Antiviral drug and antipyretic in case of respiratory infection: 100 ml of fresh cucumber juice, one tablespoon of finely chopped garlic and one tablespoon of honey. Take two to three times a day under 3 tablespoons. People suffering from gastritis with increased levels of stomach acid should use these drinks very carefully.

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