Help for the neck that is constantly tilted towards the computer and other gadgets

When the head is tilted forward by 60 degrees, then the neck receives a load of 27 kilograms. Headache, pain in the neck or upper back, pain in the shoulders and nape occur first. The first wish is to straighten the back, but this movement only brings discomfort. Vision problems may occur. Fans and users of gadgets after some time have poor posture, protruding neck and back and double chin. Further loading leads to further utilization of the cervical spine.
3 tips to help people who are constantly sitting in front of the computer:

  1. Properly organize where you sit in front of the computer. Keep the monitor in a straight line with your eyes. Sit in front of the computer, keeping your back at an angle of 100-135 degrees to your legs. This will make the spine feel less stressed. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed. Place the keyboard in line with the abdomen. Try to lean as little as possible towards the computer to see the text or image better. Always enlarge text or image. Keep your back straight. The height of the chair should be such that your knees are in line with your thighs while sitting. Keep your feet close together. It is not recommended to sit with your legs crossed.
  2. Every half hour, separate from the gadgets to walk for 5 minutes or to stretch. It is best to do neck gymnastics. Do each exercise 5 times. Turn your head to one side and then to the other. Tilt your head forward. Then carefully tilt your head back. Carefully turn your head left and right. You can raise and lower your arms to shake your body. Make scissors and the like with your hands.
  3. Eye relaxation is important. When the eyes get tired, the person is forced to get closer to the screen. Then the spine is hunched again. Look at an object near you. Fix your gaze. Then shift your gaze to a more distant object. Repeat 3-5 times.

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