Silver water is a multifaceted aqueous solution of silver

You can make silver water in your home or buy it in pharmacies. Scientific research says that plain silver water has a broader antibacterial spectrum. It does not adversely affect the immune system. Under the influence of silver ions, the body regenerates. Interestingly, pathogens cannot acquire resistance to an aqueous solution of silver. Metals have strong energy, so they have a positive effect on human health.

  1. Wear silver jewelry — wearing silver jewelry allows silver to have a positive effect on the blood. Silver thus cleanses the blood and normalizes the blood picture. Silver helps fight stress, strengthens positive emotions, calms a person and strengthens the intellectual abilities of silver jewelry wearers
  2. Silver water can be drunk in case of infections of the throat, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract. If you have acne on your face, you can wash with this water.
  3. You can rinse burns with silver water. Ionized silver actively binds to protein tissues. Builds a protective layer of insoluble inactive compounds in wounds. In the same way, it wraps the nerve endings, metal compounds, preventing the irritating effect of inflammatory processes and the outpouring of fluids. Therefore, it has analgesic properties and dries wounds on the body well. Aqueous solution of silver is used to treat purulent-inflammatory diseases because it quickly cleanses wounds preventing the development of ugly scars. These properties in combination with the antibacterial effect enable the efficient use of silver solution in all phases of inflammatory processes. You can drip silver water into your nose due to sneezing.
  4. Silver stimulates recovery processes in body tissues by strengthening energy metabolism. Therefore, the use of silver in some ischemic conditions (reduced function of an organ) is recommended.
  5. The active medicinal element of silver is Ag + silver ions. These ions bind easily to other ions, usually forming insoluble or poorly soluble compounds. This makes it harder for silver to enter the living organism. In aqueous solution, silver ions retain their activity in favor of sustainable stabilization in the form of hydrated or colloidal silver. The water molecule actually forms a sufficiently solid shell around the silver, keeping that ion in a free and active form. If it enters the digestive system stabilized and hydrated silver is not exposed to visible chlorine ions in the stomach (with which it forms an insoluble compound in other conditions) and penetrates safely into the blood.
  1. When wearing silver jewelry, silver ions under the protection of water molecules easily penetrate the skin tissues. Hydrated silver ions penetrate unhindered into pathogenic microbes and viruses, destroying them through the circulation in the bloodstream and fluids. Pathogenic microorganisms cannot develop stability and resistance to silver ions. Silver ions do not affect the beneficial intestinal flora. They work for the benefit of the person.
  2. Silver water is recommended especially in the spring and autumn when it effectively protects against viruses. In the summer it protects against intestinal infections (bacterial) without the development of dysbacteriosis. The antibacterial properties of silver appear even at minimal concentrations of metal ions in water (0.1-0.01 mg / l), but which are sufficient to destroy more than 260 pathogenic microbes and viruses.
  3. Colloidal silver in the body does not produce any toxic compounds. It reacts only with the enzyme of acidic metabolism of bacteria. That is why collidone silver is a natural remedy for many diseases. Colloidal silver is absolutely harmless to humans.
  4. Do not keep silver water in the light because the lack of ionized silver (as a medicine) can only be considered its rapid inactivation under the action of photons.

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