10 interesting facts about gluten

  1. Gluten protein should be eliminated by only 1% of people suffering from celiac disease (autoimmune disease). Gluten intolerance can occur suddenly. It can disappear suddenly at any age.
  2. The main symptoms of gluten intolerance (after consuming gluten-containing products) are nausea, diarrhea and gas.
  3. Especially during the period of full maturation in women, the menstrual cycle is disrupted, body temperature rises, insomnia occurs and the symptoms of the post menstrual cycle intensify.
  4. Irritability is increased in some patients. Fatigue, restlessness and depression occur. The general health condition is deteriorating. Headaches and migraines are more common.
  5. The skin reacts quickly to the internal state of the organism. A rash occurs on different parts of the body.
  6. Nails break and flake. Teeth become sensitive and prone to caries. Stomatitis often occurs.
  7. Iron absorption decreases. The result is pale skin, fatigue and shortness of breath. These are clear signs of iron deficiency in the body.
  8. Gluten is contained in cereals (barley, oats and wheat). Gluten is contained in bran, bread, dough and macaroni. Candies, some juices and other soft drinks with sugar contain gluten. Sausages and ready-made frozen products contain gluten.
  9. Soy foods, instant soups contain gluten. Mayonnaise and mustard contain gluten. Muesli, cereals and croutons for soup contain gluten.
  10. Fast food contains gluten (chips, burgers and more). Crab sticks, marinades and cans contain gluten.

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