6 drinks for the evening that perfectly cleanse the liver

1.Echinops Seed tea – Echinops is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, commonly known as globe thistles. They have spiny foliage and produce blue or white spherical flower heads. They are native to Europe, east to central Asia, and south to the mountains of tropical Africa. Globe thistle is the host plant of weevil Larinus vulpes. Echinops is a medicinal plant that resembles burdock. It is considered one of the best for detoxifying and protecting the liver. John Gerard considered Echinops to be the best herbal remedy against melancholy. Pharmaceutical preparations are made on the basis of this plant. Pour a tablespoon of seeds with a cup of boiling water. You can drink this tea three times a day. It is especially useful for people who have problems with veins and excess weight. Echinops cleanses the liver and contributes to the recovery of cells damaged by alcohol, drugs and poor quality food. Echinops contains silymarin, which is a powerful antioxidant and acts against inflammatory processes.

  1. Drink with oats-oats is useful for the work of all digestive organs. It affects the excretion of toxins, reduces the load on the liver, lowers blood glucose levels, stimulates blood lipid metabolism, urination and sweating. Dip oatmeal in water in the morning (one tablespoon of flakes per glass of water). Add half a tablespoon of cinnamon. Drink in the evening.
  2. Mint tea – a firm and peaceful sleep is guaranteed after using mint tea. It calms the nervous system, activates the work of the liver and has a choleretic effect (increases the production of bile in the liver). Pour a tablespoon of mint leaves with a cup of boiling water. Drink half an hour before bed. Tea can be drunk in the morning for a stronger effect.
  3. Lemonade with ginger – ginger is a source of vitamins and active components that stimulate the digestive system, strengthen immunity and speed up metabolism. It expels excess fluid from the body. Lemonade with ginger perfectly quenches thirst. Therefore, larger amounts of this drink should be stored in the summer and kept in the refrigerator for all-day use. Add the grated ginger root to a glass of hot water (not boiling) and a spoonful of lemon juice. Drink before bed. This lemonade should be used carefully by people with high blood pressure.
  4. Chamomile tea – this tea activates the liver. Pour a tablespoon of the plant with a cup of boiling water. Chamomile drink stimulates the liver, reduces stress, relieves pain in joints and muscles and normalizes the intestinal microflora.
  5. Drink with lemon – activates the liver and has a mild diuretic effect. Pour a spoonful of lemon juice into a cup of hot water (not boiling). Drink in the evening.


    • Dear “blackformen”,
      Thank you very much for your comment and detailed info. It is always great if we can learn something useful and new every single day. Wishing you all the best. Amela.


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