Calcite brings harmony and balance to every home, strengthens nerves, bones and joints and provides emotional stability

Calcite is a natural form of calcium carbonate. In terms of prevalence in the world, this is the third stone (after quartz and feldspar). Calcite is called marble, limestone or celestial stone. The word calcite means the basis of the planet Earth. A softer type of calcite is plain chalk used in schools. It is a rock that shapes rocks. It is deposited on the seabed as biological sediment. The great coral reef in Australia is made of calcite. Calcite is a ubiquitous mineral. The most diverse stones in shape and color are formed from hot underground solutions (hydrothermal vents). The limestone deposited in the teapot (in which you make tea) is calcite. Calcite is not uncommon and is not an expensive stone. Calcite should be cleaned at least once every seven days. You can leave it overnight in a glass of clean cold water.
The Egyptian pyramids are built of different types of calcite. This stone appears in various colors. It can be purple, red, blue, white, black, orange, pink, green and brown. It can be fluorescent and glow in the dark. Calcite powder was once given by doctors to lower the temperature, heal wounds, and strengthen bones after fractures. White and pink calcite effectively remove stress. Blue calcite is useful for throat diseases and high blood pressure. Red calcite is used for low blood pressure. Orange calcite heals the spleen. Yellow calcite has a positive effect on the pancreas. It is recommended that this mineral be worn until healing (as close to the diseased organ as possible) or that it be placed on the painful area several times a day. Calcite, especially white calcite cleanses the mind, develops intuition and strengthens memory. It is not bad for drivers to carry a piece of calcite because its energy vibrations help to keep sobriety and peace. Green calcite helps the doctor to feel the patient better and determine a more accurate diagnosis. Radiation of calcite waves of any color increases the energy potential of the owner, making him more durable, more energetic and helping him to achieve great success in life. Calcite also contributes to longevity. Calcite brings harmony and balance to every home.

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