The unique smell of cinnamon gives a better mood

Cinnamon is obtained from the dried bark of the cinnamon tree that grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Cinnamon is a small evergreen tree or shrub from the laurel family whose varieties grow in China, Sri Lanka, Africa, Australia and South America. Ceylon cinnamon is cinnamon of the best quality, so Sri Lanka is the main exporter of this spice. The bark of the cinnamon tree has the color of rust. It has a specific and pleasant smell. Young branches about 20 cm in size are cut from the tree. The branches are drying. The bark is then removed and processed into a powder. The name “cinnamon tree” is of Greek origin and means “flawless spice”.
Cinnamon is used in cooking to strengthen and improve the taste. Due to its pleasant smell and slightly sweet taste, cinnamon has a great application in cooking. It is used to prepare fruit soups, sauces, marinades, sweet cow cheese dishes and baked dishes. Cinnamon goes well with cherries, apples and pumpkin in sweet dishes. In meat dishes, cinnamon goes well with chicken, mutton and pork. Cinnamon contains a large amount of essential and fatty oils, tannins, sugars and various mineral elements, especially calcium. That is why it contributes to strengthening bones.
The versatile Persian Islamic scholar Ibn Sina (Latinized Avicenna) wrote about the healing properties of cinnamon 1000 years ago. He wrote that cinnamon has “hot and dry properties” and a binding and anti-toxic effect. Ibn Sina pointed out that cinnamon helps with water sickness and sneezing (due to flu and colds). The famous physician from ancient Greece Dioscorides believed that the power of cinnamon warms and opens (opens various clogs), prevents any putrefaction, corrects any bad character and suppresses the tendency to rot due to spoiled body juices. Cinnamon reduces the formation of gas in the intestines, removes pain in the stomach and intestines and stops internal bleeding (especially from the uterus).
Cinnamon is effective for bronchial and lung diseases. Relieves cough and cleanses the chest. For this purpose, milk with cinnamon should be made. Add a small spoonful of cinnamon to a glass of warm milk. Stir. Drink before bed. The use of cinnamon in the diet cleanses the liver and prevents the stagnation of this organ. Apple and cinnamon cake is constantly popular in the world. Arrange the purchased puff pastry in a baking pan. Then arrange the sliced ​​apples on the sheets of puff pastry. Sprinkle with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Put in the oven. You get a delicious and spicy cake that goes well with a cup of hot tea.

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