5 recipes for baths to detoxify the body

It is best to drink a glass of warm water before taking a bath. Bath water should be as hot as possible but bearable. As the water in the bath cools, hot (boiling) water should be added gradually. The bath should last 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Perform the procedure once a week. Individual contraindications are possible. Consult a doctor.

  1. Bath with lavender-2 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers mix with a cup (200 grams) of bitter salt (magnesium sulfate) and pour into the bath. Add 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil to the stored water.
  2. Superdetox bath-mix a cup of baking soda, a cup of sea and Himalayan salt. Dissolve the mixture in a bath. Add 5-7 drops of your favorite essential oil. Sea and Himalayan salt have the ability to regulate water levels throughout the body and maintain a healthy balance of skin pH.
  3. Bath with green tonic tea – add 5 bags of green tea in a liter of boiling water. Add a cup of sea and bitter (ordinary) salt. Add your favorite essential oil. Pour all the ingredients into the bath. Green tea is a natural antioxidant that tightens the skin and contributes to the detoxification of the body. Green tea contains vitamins and precious minerals. Vitamin A makes the skin smooth. Vitamin B2 maintains hydration.
  4. Bath to restore strength – a cup of bitter salt, 3 tablespoons of ground ginger root and 5-6 drops of ginger essential oil dissolve in the bath. Ginger removes fatigue and tension. It helps to get rid of muscle pain. Makes the skin taut and supple.
  5. Bath with honey and milk-2 cups of milk mix with a cup of honey and a cup of mountain salt. Lactic acid helps the body get rid of dead skin cells. Honey is a great refreshment for dry and tired skin.

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