Therapy with cats (Felinotherapy) is becoming more popular in the world

Sphynx cats (hairless) are known to treat liver problems. These cats are considered a “doctor for various diseases”, especially in the early stages of the disease. They gather a lot of energy from people without harming themselves. There is knowledge that people who keep sphinx cats in their home live 10 years longer. These cats lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart attack. Cats are mysterious creatures and are known to always return to their home. The American scientist F. Morell tried to explain this fact in more detail. He did research on the cat’s brain. He implanted electrodes in the cats that were connected to radio transmitters. The electrodes were located in the part of the brain responsible for vision. The scientist was astonished to discover that even when cats have their eyes closed, the arrows on the instruments show impulses in the brain cells. At that time, the animals were given certain sound signals inaudible to the human ear. It turned out that almost half of the nerve cells in the brain responsible for vision responded to sounds. Although the research has not been officially concluded, it can be said that cats with so-called “eye hearing” are the only creatures on the planet Earth.
Therapy with cats (felinotherapy) is becoming increasingly popular in the world. It has been proven that cat spinning can cause a stronger magnetic field than the latest technology. The vibrations that occur on this occasion have a therapeutic effect on humans. Claw massage is similar in effect to acupuncture. The body temperature of these pets makes them the best, soft and completely safe hot water bottles. As a rule, cats “dose” the amount of negative energy they receive from humans (owners). Cats leave the sore spot in time so that they do not take on more pain than they can bear. But even adult animals can get carried away so they don’t take the break they need. Animals can be seriously injured when they help in case of serious diseases (oncological). The owner is better thanks to the cats, but these pets then run the risk of getting an illness or even dying – because unfortunately there are also these cases. That’s why all owners need to take more care of their cats when they start felinotherapy. Do not allow the little helper to stay in painful places (joints, abdomen, head) for more than 10-15 minutes. Be sure to take a break of at least half an hour.

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