“Feed” the stomach and intestinal flora with the use of plant foods

During a 40-year life span, one person eats about 14,000 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). If a person is constantly fed starchy and cooked food then each dish passing through the colon leaves a layer of waste products. Which is one of the main causes of constipation-considered by doctors. A large stomach is the result of many years of accumulation of waste products in the colon. This happens with the use of cooked, fried, baked foods and foods with starch. The starch molecule is insoluble in water or alcohol. The consequence of this is that so-called “dead food” is deposited on the walls of the colon. When using bread, potatoes, rice and other starch-containing products (reaching the large circulatory system from the large intestine), insoluble starch particles contaminate the blood. Trying to get rid of this excess blood, it finds a kind of storage in various organs (especially on the walls of the colon), disrupting the nutrition of cells and other organs. Frequent consumption of fried and baked foods results in a feeling of hunger that is constantly present. Then it is better to starve for a day or two. Plant foods (especially raw plant foods) in contrast nourish the walls of the colon and cleanse the body of anything that gets in the way of the rectum.
Possible mistakes that people need to correct:

  1. Increased protein intake due to the ingrained belief that protein gives strength to the body (hence the constant putrefaction of protein in the intestines and blood poisoning).
  2. Ignorance of proper cooking methods (food cooked for too long, evaporation of useful mineral salts, destruction of vitamins in food, conversion of microelements into a form that the human body cannot absorb).
  3. The use of white bread, pastries, sweets and sugar – that’s why the blood becomes saturated with acids and carbohydrates are constantly fermented in the stomach. The constant lack of basic products in the human body, on the other hand, makes it necessary to neutralize the acids created by eating protein and fermenting carbohydrates.
  4. Insufficient use of raw vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins, mineral salts and enzymes.
  5. Insufficient consumption of healthy varieties of bread and pastries with a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the sluggishness of the stomach and stomach.
  6. Plenty of meat products, soups, broths, spicy meat sauces, alcohol and beer that destroys the liver and kidneys.
  7. Lack of desire of the individual to carefully control any poisoning of the organism and exaggeration with the consumption of harmful foods.
  8. Excessive presence of milk in the diet (especially cow’s milk). The use of milk in the diet (especially pasteurized milk) leads to constipation. Milk disputes continue today. It is recommended to use more sour milk products that also give calcium. Acidophilic dairy products help to establish the proper and normal functioning of the intestinal flora and digestive tract.

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