Let’s choose quality kitchen utensils


The main indicator of the quality of the dishes is the safety and not the beauty of the dishes. The safety of the dishes directly depends on the material from which the dishes are made.

  1. Teflon cookware – has good refractory properties but releases toxic substances when heated. The effect of these toxic substances on the human body has not been fully studied. An alternative can be cast utensils. Cast utensils are safe for health and do not allow food to burn. Heats the food evenly. It retains heat for a long time. Dishes stored in a cast pan are juicy and soft. The high weight of this dish is the only drawback.
  2. Enamelled dishes – made of steel and coated with enamel. Enamel is considered a completely safe material. It is suitable for preparing and storing food, salting and marinating. Careless handling can cause cracks and debris or rust to appear on this dish. An alternative is an enamelled dish with a stainless steel rim that prevents damage.
  3. Aluminum utensils – when heating acidic food from the surface of aluminum utensils, they release harmful substances that enter the body. That is why it is not suitable for preparing and storing sour and spicy dishes. An alternative is stainless steel cookware. This dish has a nice look, longevity and is easy to maintain. This dish does not oxidize and is long lasting. During heat treatment, food does not lose its taste and useful properties. However, the composition of this dish includes Nickel, which is a strong allergen. Check people who are or are not allergic to nickel. Choose dishes with a wall thickness of at least half a centimeter and a bottom 3 millimeters thick without scratches and roughness.
  4. Ceramic cookware – this cookware usually has very short refractory properties. Ceramics cannot withstand sudden temperature oscillations. If you suddenly pour cold water on a hot ceramic pan, such a pan may crack. An alternative is a quality pan made of 100% ceramic that will be used for years in every kitchen. Forgery can be unusable after the first frying of food.

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