Make a knitting ball / yarn from pine

The useful properties of pine have been valued since ancient times. Pine heals the heart and bloodstream, helps with hypertension, insomnia and stress. Boron has pronounced bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to strengthening immunity. Pine yarn heals and warms the body. Pine needles preserve most of the properties of wood, which has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional health of the owners of woolen objects made of pine wood. Belts woven from pine thread help with rheumatism and radi-kulitis to eliminate pain and inflammatory processes, and improve the condition of the blood. These clothes are warmer than the wool of some animals. That is why socks and insoles for shoes made of pine yarn are useful and healing.
There are several ways to make pine yarn. In winter or early spring, you can collect pine needles. At that time, the largest amount of useful substances was concentrated in pine needles. First separate the needles from the branches. Cook the needles for 30 minutes. Wrap the bowl in which the needles were cooked well. Allow to cool. After cooling, remove the needles from the water. Squeeze the needles with a press. Then roll over the needles with a roller. When the raw material becomes soft, divide each needle into fibers. This job is quite strenuous but helps fine motor skills of the hands. Fold the prepared fibers into threads. Lay the fibers in rows, lightly moisten the fibers with water and twist the fibers in one direction. Fold the threads in half and twist them again in the opposite direction to strengthen the threads. Wrap the prepared thread on a roller or other available material. Medicinal pine yarn is ready and ready to use.

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