Schedule of daily activities according to the records of Leonardo da Vinci

The experience of the great Italian master Leonardo da Vinci helps to make a proper schedule of daily activities without haste and excessive fatigue.
Morning chores from 5 to 8-when we form the eyes need to wake up the body and brain. That is why the body needs gymnastics and the brain needs pleasant reading. A strong breakfast is mandatory for the body to get the necessary energy. You do all these activities in a good mood. Do not let negative thoughts into your consciousness.
Fruitful work from 8 am to 2 pm – Da Vinci considered this period of the day to be the most fruitful and should be dedicated to the most important tasks. He therefore advised that you use the first half of the day for complex tasks divided into smaller time periods (15 to 35 minutes). The break between jobs should be a maximum of 15 minutes. During work, try to get rid of all external factors of irritability (noise coming from the street and outside, etc.).
Administrative issues from 2 pm to 4 pm – after the lunch break, it is difficult to mobilize the will and work with maximum commitment. So then sort your mail, pay your bills, and do less demanding tasks that don’t require increased brain work but enough time.
Business meetings from 16-18 hours- fatigue accumulates in the evening. That is why it is best to do jobs that do not require special energy consumption. Leonardo da Vinci’s diary states that he held business meetings after 5 p.m. Before the end of the day, the level of energy and the level of aggression in most people decreases, and even unpleasant conversations become more pleasant and proceed very calmly.
Sports activities and hobby 18 to 21 hour-physical efforts help to make the body emotionally and physically exhausted. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you can, for example, ride a bike or use the pool. On other days between 6pm and 9pm you can read, walk, watch a good movie on TV or meet up with friends and family. The ideal way to go to bed is until 9.30 pm. The deeper the dream the next day will be more successful and of better quality.

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