Talismans that give women strength


In the modern world, we have long been accustomed to women being educated, independent, and successful on the business, social, and economic paths. Yet family and love for women have the same value as for their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Great-grandmothers often used and relied on talismans to increase female strength and attractiveness. That is why brides in many countries of the world were given a talisman for good luck, stone jewelry and pearls. This tradition has survived to this day.
The emerald stone helps female beauty to come to the fore the most. Emerald enhances the glow in the eyes, activates sexuality and charm. The owner of the emerald jewelry is sociable, active and good-natured. This stone contributes to the preservation of youth and prevents the appearance of early wrinkles.
Sapphire-brings happiness in love. There is a belief that a sapphire will save a woman from ugly words and slander.
Turquoise is a universal talisman of love. A woman should wear this stone close to her face. It is preferably in the form of a necklace or earrings. This will strengthen her and make her desirable to the opposite sex.
Carnelian — give it to those you don’t want to part with. This stone is considered a symbol of fidelity and a guardian of marital happiness. He gives beauty to women. It gives men courage.
Aventurine is a talisman of love. It suits a person with an artistic and lively character more. Aventurine is thought to help those who are already in love with the same person get closer to them.
Tourmaline in pink-red color suits inexperienced and modest girls to protect them in love. This stone preserves first love. It helps to overcome insecurity. It relieves the fear of making a mistake. For men, red tourmaline (rubelite) is more useful, which strengthens passion and desire. Rubelite is suitable for older women. It delays the appearance of aging changes in the body and helps the owner to cope with it.
The fiery opal-owner attracts good and honest people who spread positivity. It helps the owner to understand what kind of people he is surrounded by and how much he can trust those people. This stone calms a person and that is why it is useful to wear it in meetings.

It is able to turn a friendship between a man and a woman into a romantic and tender relationship. Opal strengthens the family and prevents quarrels and jealousy.
The noble spinel-in the East was known as a powerful aphrodisiac. This stone has a positive effect on sexual energy in men and women. It is advised that red spinel is worn by married ladies to reflect the passions in marriage. Lonely girls are not advised to use this stone too much not to go astray. It is useful for people who lack strength and self-confidence.
Garnet is best worn in pairs (earrings and a ring) because this set helps you find your partner.
Agate is a powerful amulet. Giving it to a loved one will save it from inconvenience and accidents. Men should give away a pendant or ring while women should give away a necklace. In the heart of love, white or agate the color of moss is best.
Aquamarine – it is best worn on the ring finger of the left hand by a woman who wants to find love. It is believed that this stone helps every person to find a partner in love.
Rock crystal-wear it in the form of a pendant or necklace. Speech makes wise and bestows happiness in marital relationships.

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