Tips for good hearing

Otitis (inflammation of the middle ear) is a very common disease in adults and children. It often occurs after the flu, angina, cold or when the immunity is weakened. It can become chronic otitis. When acute otitis is present, then patients complain of severe pain in the ear, a temperature of over 38 degrees and the appearance of secretions from the ear canal. In most cases, during intensive treatment, uncomplicated otitis stops. a few days using bactericidal and anti-inflammatory agents from the arsenal of folk medicine. Doctors then prescribe antibiotics. Sometimes, due to the penetration of pus in the eardrum, openings are created that heal quickly and the hearing is not damaged. Chronic otitis media often leads to impaired hearing. In rare cases, purulent microbes can penetrate the skull area causing a complication (meningitis). Therefore, it is best to visit an ENT specialist / doctor to determine the appropriate treatment.
Medicinal tampons – a good effect on uaple ear is shown by a cotton swab soaked in a tincture of calendula, peony and propolis. Put it in the earlobe. Tampons are changed once to twice a day. For purulent otitis, you can use 70% alcohol tincture of poplar buds in a ratio of 1: 5 (in the spring, collect poplar buds that you can use throughout the year). Moisten a piece of cotton wool with the tincture and put it in the ear canal. You can combine poplar tincture with propolis tincture. Therapy lasts 10-15 days. It is considered that the process is repaired if the oral cavity is dry and a month after stopping treatment – no secretions. Make sure that the cotton wool does not go deep into the oral cavity so that you can easily remove it with tweezers.
Warming the ear with smoke – sometimes during a cold there is severe pain in one or both ears. After the inflammatory process calms down, hearing can be slightly disturbed. Then the folk method of treatment is indicated: roll a clean sheet of paper in a funnel. Hold above the ear horizontally with the amlim tilt down. Put the narrower part in the ear. The wide end of the funnel ignited, making sure the smoke was directed toward the ear. When almost the entire funnel burns with a gentle hand movement, shake off the remnants of the burnt paper. The pain, ear congestion and deafness stop very quickly. Be careful not to burn yourself.
Propolis cures deafness – an alcoholic tincture of propolis with vegetable oil (preferably almond, walnut oil or apricot kernel oil) is used in a ratio of 1: 4. It blends

shakes well. Moisten gauze swabs with the mixture and carefully insert into the ear. Change swabs 24-36 hours. This is useful in case of acute and chronic otitis media and due to senile deafness. Therapy contains 12-15 procedures.
Melilotus ear bath – steam baths with the Melilotus plant show a good healing effect. Pour a handful of grass in a glass jar with boiling water. Cover your head with a woolen scarf. Carefully keep the ear above the jar for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is performed before bedtime. After the procedure you put a piece of cotton wool with some medicinal mixture in your ear.
Ear secretions or cerumen serve as protection against foreign bodies, dust and small insects. That’s why you usually clean your ears twice a month without pushing sticks deeper than one centimeter. Otherwise, the glands will start secreting cerumen with double energy, which will be pressed over time and create a cerumen plug. If even the smallest amount of water or sweat gets into the ear, then the cerumen swells, the ear becomes clogged, itching and worsening of hearing occurs. Then your own voice begins to resonate. The plug can put pressure on the eardrum and the walls of the outer ear canal, causing headaches, coughs and nausea. If the plug is not too thick, you can remove it yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to drip warm vegetable oil (almond, peach, apricot or sunflower) into the ear for at least 3-5 days. Twice a day 5 to 6 drops of vegetable oil. The cerumen plug will gradually soften and disappear. If the cerumen plug is too thick and hard you should see an ENT doctor. If you are prone to the formation of cerumen plugs twice a month in the ears you can drip 5-6 drops of 3% hydrogen from the pharmacy or almond oil. Then stand on the opposite side of the bed for 15 minutes. Then carefully clean the ear canal.

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