10 simple methods for healthy, restful and regular sleep


Sleep is a proven and most natural means of fulfilling potential psychic and spiritual strengths. A good night’s sleep can give every person strength and a healthy day. Everything that excites you before going to bed has a bad effect on quality sleep (loud music, reading and watching disturbing news and content, etc.). Only soothing procedures should be practiced before going to bed.

  1. There should be no plants or animals in the bedroom (except air-cleaning plants such as chlorophytum). There should be no objects that are noisy and irritating. Ventilate the room before bed to keep the air fresh and the window closed. Keep the blinds down.
  2. Try to be moderately physically active throughout the day. A great exercise is a walk in the fresh air just before bed. Fantastic preparations for a restful sleep are pouring cold water or a contrast shower an hour before bed.
  3. Forget vain and black thoughts as you lie in bed before bed. You will fall asleep easier if you go to bed before 9pm to 10pm. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, rub your palms, then gently rub your earlobes with your thumb and forefinger and hold for 3-5 minutes. Try not to think about anything in particular to lighten your brain more easily. If you are a believer — be sure to pray. Thank God for the past day what you can do in your own words if you don’t know any prayers. This calms many people down. It is good to fall asleep with thoughts of gratitude for the past day because the last thoughts you have will remain in the memory of that day. So consciously choose to make it a feeling of good health, happiness and self-confidence.
  4. Proper nutrition before bed is essential. Any excessive eating before bed-disrupts restful sleep and obliges the body to work all night. Then the person is always tired when waking up in the morning. Dinner should be 3-4 hours before bedtime. Protein foods (fatty foods) wake up the body while fruits and vegetables calm it down. If you sleep poorly, then include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Research shows that if you use your stomach a lot before going to bed, then a person has a sound and healthy sleep.
  5. Choose the right place to sleep. Our ancestors always let a cat into their home. Where the cat stops — they put the bed. Modern science explains: a cat sleeps in a good zone while lying in an open zone with an open one

eyes and is filled with negative energy (cleans that space in the home). The corners absorb energy, so the headboard should not be in a closed and concrete corner. It would be good to have one side of the bed placed against the wall which will create support and protection. Place a glass of water next to the headboard at night. There is a belief that during sleep the soul of people flies and travels while when waking up the soul returns to the body. The soul of the people should be clean and remove all the dirt from the seeb. So in the morning, pour a glass of water every time.

  1. Head position helps you sleep better. It is recommended to sleep with your head facing north or east. It is best to sleep on your right side and place your palms under your cheeks. In this position, the heart and kidneys are not under the load of other organs, and the clenched palms equalize the energy of the organism. You can put a small pillow between your knees.
  2. Lightweight sleepwear is important. Sleep in light (cotton) pajamas that absorb sweat and do not collect static electricity. For older people who suffer from poor circulation, it is convenient to sleep with woolen hats and woolen socks.
  3. Spine pads: A hard pad heals the spine while a soft pad is crooked. On a hard surface, the muscles relax faster, although it takes time for each person to get used to the hard surface. Try to sleep without a pillow. Place a hard round smaller pillow under the neck to keep the body and nape of the neck in the same plane. This hard round pillow first tightens the cervical vertebrae, strengthens the spine and stimulates brain circulation. The bed should be warm enough for the body to relax. For quality sleep, it is important that the nose and legs are warmed. During cold nights, cover yourself literally from head to toe. During the warm nights, sleep on linen bedding. In winter, use cotton and wool materials. For the night, a lower room / sleeping room temperature is recommended and sleeping under a heavy blanket.
  4. Before going to bed it is good to drink a cup of warm milk or water with a spoonful of honey (honey warms the body). It helps to count the sheep from 100 to 1 (in the opposite direction) or imagine the numbers in chalk written on the board and erase them one by one with your eyes closed.
  5. It has been noticed that amethyst stone helps with good sleep. Try putting a ring with a stone on your little finger before going to bed.

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