6 tips for better thyroid function

  1. The thyroid gland loves heat and sun – this is how vitamin D, which is important for the body’s work, is obtained. Heat and sun reduce the need to maintain body heat which means they reduce excessive strain on the thyroid gland.
  2. The thyroid gland loves peace and relaxation — which guarantee normal cortisol levels and the conversion of T4 hormones into the required amount of T3. This is important for preventing the development of hypothyroidism.
  3. The thyroid gland loves the sea — because it is a source of iodine and zinc (water, air, fish, seafood, and algae). Iodine is the basis of the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Zinc helps that process. The sea and ocean are sources of omega 3 fatty acids, the main enemy of inflammatory processes in the thyroid gland.
  4. Thyroid-loves fresh air. It enables normal breathing of organ tissues. So control your anemia and breathe in more fresh air. In the case of hypothyroidism, frequent iron deficiency or vitamin B12 and B9 are important.
  5. The thyroid gland loves to express emotions – thyroid problems occur due to retention of feelings, anger, inner dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. The disease attacks people who are constantly trying to be strong and strong even though they are vulnerable people who are constantly trying to hide their weaknesses. Eventually the life battery runs out.
  6. The thyroid gland loves garlic – garlic contains selenium, which is needed for better absorption of iron and iodine. It is also useful for creating selenoproteins that protect the cell nucleus from mutations and damage.


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