Minimize the disadvantages of excessive sitting or standing

Whether you sit too much or stand too much during the day, there are ways (tips) to minimize the consequences of this excess and preserve your health as much as possible. Excessive and daily sitting (or standing) for several hours requires at least occasional changes in body position and minimal gymnastics during the day.
When a person stands for hours (due to work, other obligations, etc.) or performs work standing up:

  1. Try to constantly squat in place by shifting your body weight from one side to the other. This allows the joints to loosen and destroy prematurely.
  2. Choose the right footwear that “breathes” and is made of natural materials. The heel should be no more than 3 inches high.
  3. Exercise during the day. Occasionally squat, leaning back and forth slightly. If possible – sit for at least a few minutes.
  4. In the case of varicose veins, use compression stockings to prevent further progression of the disease.
  5. To improve the flow of veins during sleep, place a pillow or rolled-up blanket on the edge of the bed under your feet.
  6. In the evening after work, practice a contrast foot bath, then practice self-massage of the feet (for example, roll a tennis ball with your feet).
    When a person sits for hours (due to work, other obligations, etc.) or performs work sitting for hours:
  7. Try to sit upright at a table without leaning forward, always on the sitting hills (two protruding bony parts in the lower part of the pelvis) and not on the coccyx. Pull your pelvis firmly against the edge of the seat and closer to the back of the chair.
  8. Pay attention to your back and don’t squat. The abdomen should be retracted and slightly tightened.
  9. Keep your head upright without leaning forward and folding your neck.
  10. The top edge of the monitor should be approximately at eye level or slightly below. The optimal distance of the monitor from the eyes should be 50-70 cm.
  11. Adjust the back of the chair vertically so that your back is at a right angle.
  12. The height of the chair should be such that when sitting, the edges of the table are in the part of the solar plexus (slightly above the navel).

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