Shiatshu massage for longevity

It is believed that each finger on the hand is connected with certain organs and emotions.
Organs: stomach and spleen
Emotions: restlessness, depression and worry
Organs: kidneys, bladder
Emotions: fear and frustration
Middle finger
Organs: liver and gallbladder
Emotions: indecision, irritability and anger.
Ring finger
Organs: lungs and colon
Emotions: sadness, fear and despair.
Little finger
Organs: heart and small intestine
Emotions: nervousness and insecurity.
Adherents of the Japanese Shiatsu method claim that if you apply pressure therapy to different parts of the body, you will look better and feel better. Massage relieves negative emotions, restores tone and even prolongs life.

Shiatsu massage can be performed anywhere and at any time several times a day. Squeeze the thumb of your left hand with the fingers of your right hand. Press and when you feel a pulsation – so hold for one minute. Repeat this with each finger of your left hand. Massage your right arm in the same way. With the thumb of your right hand, press the center of the inside of your left palm. When you feel a pulsation-hold for 2 minutes. Repeat the same exercise with your right fist. This way you will bring your body into emotional and physical balance. If you feel weakness or are filled with negative emotions – then do a finger massage that corresponds to a particular organ or emotion for one minute to 5 minutes.

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