Decreased memory and difficulty thinking are not dementia but a background of depression

The way of life that most people lead today comes down mostly to monotony and a monotonous life. We notice that we are starting to forget some words or even recent events. This scares us because it disrupts normal sleep and the ability to look forward to life. Decreased memory and difficulty thinking are often the background of depression or anhedonia (absence of pleasure). If doctors do diagnose you as dementia, the process (of frequent forgetting and memory loss) can be slowed down. The recipes are simple and well known. These are small things that need to be adopted. A positive result will be shown very soon.

  1. Scientists have proven that all people who are engaged in mental work are less likely to suffer from dementia. Intellectual activity is very important, ie stimulation of one’s own cognitive functions (related to thinking and memory). Such activities should be applied daily.
  2. Have fun with crossword puzzles. Memorize the verses of the song by heart (at least a few verses a day).
  3. To improve memory, do not write down the thoughts you want to remember. Instead, make small drawings (pictograms). With the help of pictograms you will be able to remember what you want to remember.
  4. An important role in disease prevention is played by a healthy diet and quality sleep (eight hours). It helps to activate the happiness hormone.
  5. We are often thrilled to see that there are a lot of elderly people among tourists from Europe and America. They visit various locations although there are also many interesting places in their states. They do not do this because they have a large pension that they are happy to spend rather than physical activity and new experiences activating the energy regions of the brain. Thus, they stimulate the work of the brain and slow down the aging process.

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