Schedule all daily activities for a precise biological clock

For a precise biological clock, schedule meals and all daily activities according to the Tibetan medicine regime.
6.00-7.00-start of the day and cortisol release (stress hormone). At this time of day, people get up cheerful and full of energy. Getting up late means daily slowness. If you are bothered by waking up earlier, evening baths with salt and hot boiled milk with turmeric help. Before going to bed, massage large joints (especially on the legs) with warm vegetable oils.
7.00-8.00-breakfast time Use light hot dishes: buckwheat, tofu cheese, eggs, toast and strong spices. Drink 2 glasses of warm water with lemon 15-20 minutes before breakfast. Do not use cold foods that create mucus in the body (raw fruits and vegetables, juices, milk and porridge). Proper breakfast helps to overcome drowsiness, bloating and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and stomach.
10.00-15.00- time of energy, expressed perceptions and sharpness of mind. The best period for physical and mental work.
12.00-13.00 is the peak of the digestive fire and the best period for a hearty lunch. Use legumes, healthy fats and vegetables if you are a vegetarian. Use animal proteins, fiber, complex carbohydrates and oils. Red meat is best digested during lunch. Do not use light foods that are not nutritious and do not provide enough energy, fast food, alcohol or spicy foods.
16.00-lunch time. Use hot drinks, meat dishes and nutritious foods. Dairy products, dried fruits, avocados or nuts. You can use warm soup.
19.00-20.00-time for dinner. Use grilled vegetables and light proteins (fish, seafood, poultry, tofu cheese, spices and oils). Do not use overeating, heavy and cold foods and foods rich in carbohydrates.
21.00-22.00-preparation for bed. If you sweat at night, a temporary transition to a vegetarian diet for 2-3 months helps. It helps to use plants that contain bitter substances (seven-leafed or lat. Aegopodium podagraria, delileina or lat. Trifolium, dandelion leaf). It is recommended not to use alcohol or foods with a sharp, sour and too salty taste.

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