Walnut, almond and hazelnut against high blood pressure


Walnut, almond and hazelnut are a delicacy and medicine for all people with high blood pressure. Each of these fruits has a certain composition of micro-elements. By exhibiting a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, it normalizes blood pressure. Make sure you are allergic to this type of food before using it.
Walnut-prevents the formation of blood clots by facilitating the work of blood vessels. You can combine walnuts with other products to be more useful. You can combine walnuts with vegetables (add walnuts to beet and carrot salad) and fruit (put walnuts over pear and apple desserts) You should eat 100 grams of walnuts every day (maybe with honey). Therapy lasts 45 days.
Hazelnut-contains organic acids, vitamin E and vitamins from group B (magnesium iron, potassium and zinc) which have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood circulation. Hazelnut lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. It is best to eat a few hazelnuts in the morning when the body receives the main portion of nutrients. A tasty and useful combination is hazelnut with honey and raisins. Before preparation, it is best to soak the hazelnuts in water for two hours, as this will allow them to be better absorbed.
Almond-requires pre-immersion. This makes the membrane easier to clean and releases phytic acid, which interferes with the absorption of minerals and which is too much in almonds. Other ingredients of almonds strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve circulation. This allows the blood pressure to normalize. A handful of almonds a day is enough. These fruits should be lightly nibbled because they are slowly absorbed by the body.

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