6 ways to quickly and easily strengthen your nails

The appearance of the nail is influenced by external factors. These are the use of aggressive means for removing nail polish, handling chemical products without protective gloves, mechanical injuries due to performing normal activities and the like. You can get a healthy nail look with a few useful tips.

  1. Medical nail polishes – the use of medical polish before applying decorative nail polish is recommended. Medical varnish contains special strengthening components. These components have a dual function: they strengthen the nail and protect it from the negative effects of decorative nail polishes (and other factors).
  2. Paraffin packaging-refined paraffin can be found over-the-counter in almost all pharmacies. From this paraffin, you can make a package that will soften the skin on your hands and strengthen your nails. Melt the paraffin in water vapor. Allow to cool. Dip one hand into the prepared bath (melted paraffin). Then take that hand out. Then dip that hand again. Do 3 times. Then wrap your hand in plastic wrap or a bag. Put a terry cloth glove over it to keep the temperature. Repeat the same procedure with the other hand. Hold both packs for 20 minutes. Then carefully remove the paraffin along with the plastic wrap.
  3. Blue Clay — Applying blue clay coatings to your nails will provide important micronutrients. It is not recommended to use clay more than 3 times a week due to the mild drying effect. After applying blue clay on the nails, apply medical polish. Put a nourishing cream on the cuticles.
  4. Bath that contains sea salt – sea salt is a rich source of microelements and minerals that have a beneficial effect on nails. The high content of iodine, manganese and calcium helps strengthen nails, activates the regeneration process and increases resistance to infections. Dissolve the salt in water for 20 minutes. Keep your hands in this bath. Put 3 tablespoons of sea salt in half a liter of water. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil will alleviate the infection at the base of the nail.
  5. Vitamins in capsules – vitamins A and E have already been proven in nail strengthening. It is necessary to rub the removed contents of the capsule into the nail and cuticles. Capsules can be used 3 times a week.
  1. Proper nutrition – changes in the nails can be the result of a strict diet and starvation. Only a proper diet that includes a proper intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates can ensure the health of nails and the whole organism.
    Indicators of health are smooth, strong and shiny nails of pale pink color. The nails have a white “lazy” (semicircular stain on the bottom of the nail), there are no bumps and stains, the nails do not bend and the nails are the same on all fingers. Pay attention to foods that contain calcium if white spots that grow with the nails appear on the nails. Yellow nail color may indicate a problem with the liver. Redness of the nails may indicate an elevated level of erythrocytes. Then it is recommended to do a complete blood count. Pale or colorless nails have women prone to chronic stress or problems with iron absorption.

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