7 pleasant and cheap aromas for every home and business office

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When we smell an odor, we actually inhale microparticles of a certain substance. A large amount of natural remedies allows for a pleasant scent at all times. They are useful for health, while some aromatic substances are excellent antiseptics

  1. Vanilla-the sweet aroma of vanilla pods provides a feeling of warmth and comfort. Vanilla in a stick is able to neutralize a person’s unhealthy craving for sweets. Inhaling the scent of vanilla fills the taste buds.
  2. Coffee beans give a pleasant aroma. Pour coffee beans or roasted ground coffee into smaller bowls and arrange in the rooms of the home.
  3. Essential Oils from the Pharmacy- Many essential oils can be purchased at pharmacies today. Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Citrus, Softwood, Sage, Thyme, Rose or Jasmine. You can add oils to baths and homemade cosmetics that will have a beneficial effect on us. There are specialized lamps and stones to which drops of essential oil are added because they spread a pleasant aroma in the home for a long time. There are pendants with essential oils that can soothe the wearer in stressful situations. Aroma is considered a guardian that saves a person from discomfort. Place a piece of cotton wool with essential oil on the bottom of the trash can. Mix a few drops of oil with water and pour into a bowl with a spray bottle. You can always use it at home. You can add essential oils to water for washing clothes or to water for washing floors because your home will smell fresh and natural.
  4. Cinnamon-The smell of cinnamon soothes and causes serenity. It has recently been discovered that cinnamon strengthens the work of the brain. You can keep a cinnamon stick in various places in the home.
  5. Citruses (especially oranges) treat depression. It is very useful to eat this fruit and dry the peel of the fruit and use it to refresh the room (orange peel drives away moths). Orange peel retains its healing aroma for several days.
  6. The smell of cherries destroys all microorganisms in a glass of water next to the bowl with cherries in half an hour. The cherry should be used sparingly because it is a strong agent and can cause dizziness, nausea or even vomiting (due to strong concentration).
  7. Juniper products keep the aroma for a long time and are useful for health (dishes, decorations or massagers). The smell of juniper protects against microbes, enables sound sleep and calms the nervous system.

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