Children fall asleep quickly and easily after using honey

Parents are always careful when choosing medicines for children and carefully accept traditional methods of treatment. For some natural remedies (honey) most parents make an exception. Honey contains more than 100 components valuable for the human body. Honey is easily and quickly absorbed due to the large amount of simple sugars. It is useful for the young organism because it has a calming effect on the nervous system. After consuming honey, children quickly and easily fall asleep. One tablespoon of honey a day (especially buckwheat honey) leads to the improvement of the overall condition, strengthening of appetite and normalization of hemoglobin levels. Honey has strong antibacterial properties and is useful for intestinal disorders. It gives energy to children who go to school during intense intellectual efforts. It normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract due to enzymes that contribute to the normal digestion of food.
The fact is that people who used honey until the age of 16 rarely later had problems with colds, allergic rhinitis and other diseases of the nasal cavity. There have been discussions for many years about the age at which children can start consuming honey. Since honey is a strong allergen, it is best to wait for the child to turn at least a year old. You should start literally with a drop of honey in order to notice the manifestation of allergy to honey in time. If the child tolerates honey well, then the amount should be gradually increased to one full spoon a day. Five-year-old children are allowed to give 3 small spoons of honey a day. It is useful to add honey to dairy products: sour cream, cow’s cheese, milk, kefir and the like. Honey goes well with chilled porridges, liquid dishes with fruit, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, fruits and carrots.

  1. When treating a cold, put honey on your neck, back and chest. Then wrap the baby in a cotton sheet and cover with a blanket. This can be done if the child does not have a fever.
  2. For sore throat: soak small gauze tampons with fresh honey. Insert them into both nostrils alternately. The child should lie on the side with the tampon for 20 minutes. Then place the tampon in the other nostril of the nose. The treatment lasts 10 days.
  3. To strengthen children’s immunity: mix 200 ml of warm milk with 100 grams of powdered milk and 300 grams of buckwheat honey. Keep the mixture at a moderate temperature on the stove for a few minutes. When the mixture boils, cool and place in a glass jar. Use a spoonful after a meal with carrot juice.
  4. In case of bronchitis and dry cough: it is recommended to mix equal parts of honey and butter that the child will eat slowly.
  5. Against cough is an ideal combination of honey and black radish. In the evening, a hollow is made in the radish into which honey is poured. Medicinal juice will be created by morning. Give your child a small spoonful of juice several times a day.
  6. Warm milk with a little honey is recommended for children for faster, better and easier sleep.

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