The energy of precious and semi-precious stones benefits children and adults

Agate is a friend of children.provides energy security and goodwill.This stone has good motives. In ancient times, agate symbolized longevity and prosperity. Agate is of great importance to children. It removes fears in timid children. Contributes to children walking earlier. It provides children with physical and internal balance. It eliminates excessive irritability and capriciousness. Agate helps in the treatment of bronchial asthma, bronchitis and diseases of the lymphatic system — according to the ancient and traditional Indian science of Ayurveda. It also contributes to spiritual awakening.
Jade is a stone that helps all people. White jade is considered a powerful universal remedy against many physical and mental illnesses. In China, this stone symbolizes 5 virtues: mercy, justice, modesty, wisdom and courage. It contributes to the awakening of these human virtues in the person who wears this stone or the person who is in the field of influence of this stone. With its majesty and calm tone, jade extinguishes violent passions, gives peace and tranquility.
Diamonds-melt danger. Lithotherapists give the diamond the ability to cure diseases of the stomach, liver and bile. After that, the pigment spots disappear from the skin. This stone improves memory and affects good mood. The noble glow of a diamond tames anger. It is best to wear stones given to you by dear people and people who love you. Diamond is one of the strongest stones when it comes to energy because it is connected to the energy of the Sun and is used to strengthen the heart. Don’t wear stones from a mocking person when it comes to a diamond and don’t use a stolen diamond or a diamond that has been in a pawn shop for a long time (if you are aware of these facts). Ancient Indian sages advised that a diamond ring be worn on the little finger of the right hand because they believed that it was directly connected to the heart. It is possible that the tradition that the wedding ring is worn on the little finger of the right hand originates from there. If you have a gold ornament with a diamond, leave that ornament in a glass of water overnight. The next day, drink this water best in several smaller doses. According to the claims of the ancient sages, diamond is a highly qualified stone for rejuvenation, it enables prosperity, good health and spiritual development.

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