7 easy ways to do fitness for older women

The mature age of a woman is a wonderful period for every woman who is facing a lot of interesting events in life and the previously gained experience is invaluable. Older women should prefer lighter exercises. The optimal load and pace of exercise should be chosen.

  1. Pilates technique is based on flexibility exercises whose goal is to develop flexibility of joints and ligaments and strengthen the spine. It is recommended that each movement be performed slowly feeling the tension of each muscle. Regular exercise strengthens posture, muscular system and increases tone.
  2. Streching-the key to good health is body flexibility. The exercises are aimed at stretching all muscle groups. Training speeds up metabolism. It provides cells with oxygen, strengthens blood circulation and the work of internal organs. Regular exercise (30-40 minutes once or twice a week) reduces muscle mass and improves the figure. You can stretch right after waking up or with aerobic exercise.
  3. Callanetics-complex consists mainly of static exercises (29) which allows all muscles to develop well. With regular exercise, the process of burning fat begins, the figure is corrected and the spine is strengthened. The muscles should be warmed up properly before training. Almost all muscles are involved in the training and the process of performing the movement.
  4. Yoga gives the body flexibility. Restores mobility of the joints, prevents the appearance of excess weight. Although asanas (exercises and postures) are performed slowly, muscle tone is strengthened, posture is improved and hormones are restored. The secret is that the person is not in a hurry and every move works properly.
  5. Nordic walking-this sport has appeared recently and gained great popularity. Scientific research says that this sport has a beneficial effect on health, especially on the cardiovascular system. For walking, special sticks are used which move more than 90% of the muscles on the body. This is a great sport for older women because it does not require too much effort.
  6. Dance aerobics is a moderate-intensity exercise. Dance steps should be performed without stopping and pausing. The results will be visible quickly. Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart, refreshes blood vessels, strengthens blood circulation, tenses muscles and burns fat.
  7. Cycling – this type of sport contributes to weight loss, strengthens the cardiovascular system and strengthens the emotional state. While driving, you can chat, admire the beautiful landscapes and enjoy communication with nature. For a start, you should start with short distances, gradually increasing the duration of the ride.

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