7 tips to make every child better accept school and school obligations


The better the child’s work in the home, the more successful the child will be in school. Parents need to teach their child to do homework properly and regularly. This will require additional and serious efforts.

  1. Organize a place for homework — the desk should be clean and tidy. There should be learning accessories on the table (notebooks, pencils, lamps, … etc.). A special desk is not required. A child can work at an ordinary kitchen table. It is important to remove all unnecessary distracting details from the table.
  2. Take time to do your homework — take special time to do your homework. For a younger child, it takes 30-40 minutes for a maximum of one hour. If the child fails to do all the homework during this time, gradually increase the time to do the homework. Consult with the teacher. Make sure your child is not too tired (because of school and extracurricular activities) to focus better.
  3. Pay attention to your daily routine – let your child do homework at the same time every day, but be prepared for occasional adjustments. If a special event occurs (birthday, etc.), allow the child to deviate from the established regime. The most important thing is for the child to understand that homework is the child’s responsibility.
  4. Keep quiet – during the homework you need silence in the room. Turn off the radio or TV and keep all other sound factors to a minimum. Do some activity in silence that will be the cause of the child’s behavior.
  5. Take into account the child’s specifics – if the child finds it difficult to maintain attention for 15 minutes, divide the time for doing homework into several smaller intervals. If the child knows that he has a break, it will be easier for him to maintain concentration. Children do their homework better if the time for making it is before the time of playing on the computer or watching TV. Duties, fun and play.
  6. Help the child but do not do homework for the child. Do not miss the opportunity to praise your child for all the successfully completed tasks. Be by the child’s side while doing homework. You may need to use the internet or an encyclopedia. If you see that the child is having difficulty with a task – then help. The most important rule is that the child from the second grade does his homework independently.
  7. Don’t skip homework time – if there was no homework that day then the child can read something or do some extra lessons / assignments. The goal of parents is to impose daily learning into an ongoing process. Thus the child acquires a work habit and a habit of acquiring knowledge. Pay special attention to reading because reading is useful on all occasions.

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